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Thread: Bug - Changing Warmup Start Weight

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    Build 1.18990 - Android 10 Pixel 3 (kernel build number QPP4.190502.019)

    There is a bug when changing the warmup start weight, and then trying to decrease it.

    Reproduce bug:
    On squat, change warmup start weight from 45 to 95.
    Have the workset at 200
    Try to change the warmup start weight from 95 to 45

    Error: Warmup start weight cannot be more than the workset weight.

    But it's not. 45 lbs is smaller than 200 lbs.

    Solution: I thing the problem is that the weight variable is a string, not an integer. When comparing strings, 45 is more than 145, because 4 is more than 1. Strings are read one character at a time. It you convert the string to an integer during the compare, that error won't happen.

    Fix before new version (for users): Change the workset to a word that is higher than the warmup. For example, 999 lbs is higher than 99 lbs. So set workset to 999, then you can lower the warmup set to what you want, and then change the workset back to the original value.

    Thank you.

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    Thanks! I will look into this. Appreciate you finding a workaround for other users.


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