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    I've set the app to know which plates I own so that it displays the most efficient way to load the bar. I've got everything except 15# plates. I chose to use 55lbs plates on the high end and consequently only have one pair of 45s but a couple pair of 55s. I was surprised when I got to 265# yesterday for deadlift and was told to load 55, 45, 10. I can't find any way to tell it I have more 55# pairs. I'm curious about if it will advise 55, 45, 35, 10 when I get to 355#. Is there any way to tell it to use 55# plates whenever possible? My intention is to purchase more 55s as I get stronger.

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    Hi Brandon, this was an oversight on our part and we are going to add the plate quantities in a future update.


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