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Thread: Features of SS app and SC app

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    Default Features of SS app and SC app

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    Does the Starting Strength app come with pre-loaded programming that includes progressions and scheduled days for each routine?

    Also, what is the difference between the Starting Strength app and the Strength Club app? The SS app is one-time payment but the SC app is monthly subscription. Also SS app has really good reviews but SC app seems to have few and poorer reviews.


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    Hi, the Starting Strength app is for novices. Strength Club is for intermediates who require the ability to customise their programming.

    SS app has a workout log with NLP 1,2 (chinups, power cleans) and also Female Training 5x3 program.

    Strength Club is more expensive because its more expensive for us to build and maintain it, it works across desktop browser and mobile devices too.

    So I guess it depends where you are, if you're a novice grab the SS app. If you're intermediate, the SS app is still good value even if you're not using the workout log as it has step by step videos and a condensed version of the blue book which is useful at the gym to get a refresher of the information. If you're an intermediate check out Strength Club, it has a 2 week free trial. Most of the bad reviews are quite old and were from people expecting to get stuff for free, so try it out for yourself. If you have any questions hit me up via the support email.


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