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Thread: Too many warmup sets?

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    Default Too many warmup sets?

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    Iíve been following the starting strength app religiously, and I think I reached a point where the warmups fatigue me too much. The app recommends 5 sets, but by the time I reach my working sets for my overhead press, my muscles are already fatigued and I canít finish all prescribed sets (this is after squats of course). Today I ended up doing this many reps per set: 5, 3, 2, 2,1,2 for a total of 15 reps.

    My current stats are:
    BW: 196lb
    Height: 5í8
    Squat: 200lb (building back up to 300lb after a leg injury)
    Deadlift: 265lb (building back up to 325lv after a leg injury)
    Bench: 205lb
    OHP: 147.5lb

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    Warmups are always tailored to the response of the lifter - getting warmed up without getting fatigued. Plenty on the site for warming up, so run a search or three.

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