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Thread: Deviations from The Program

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    Default Deviations from The Program

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    As a slightly overweight, I mean morbidly obese, I mean 50 year old blubbery tub of lard - I'm unable to do deadlifts properly. So I'm doing them pussy style - so at least I'm doing something. My workout partner, my octogenerian father, is in much better shape but neither of us is doing cleans any time soon.

    The app is great for everything else. But I'd like to be able to track chins - actually assisted chins (I can just barely do a couple with the full weight stack) - lat pull downs, and other such. We're doing the other Big 4 as best we can - 3x5 and going up in weight. But I'd really like to be able to track progress in the other exercises and also have the warm-up sequence provided.

    Will there be any such ability in this app?

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    Replied to this in your other thread, but we won't be supporting such customizations.

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