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Thread: Elbows are severely hung over. Please help

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    Default Elbows are severely hung over. Please help

    The problem: the famous dull throbbing elbow pain located right on the "funny bone".
    (Golfers elbow I believe)

    Cause: standard SS grip, no chalk which I believe is a contributor.

    Bonus info: I have freakishly long forearms in relation to the humerus. Tried thumbs around grip once and it immediately hurt the wrists.

    Video: 345x5 check - YouTube

    Any other tips are are appreciated

    Thanks guys.

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    Your elbows do look a little too high here (and the right is up higher a fair bit than the left, though that's not necessarily a contributing factor. It might be but in either case, it's something to point out).

    Try implementing the "pin firing" chin-up protocol while taking 1.5-2 weeks off of doing the thing that pisses it off aka squatting with this grip. Try some high bar squats, SSB squats, or just don't squat during this period. When you come back, start with a lighter weight using the same method you did when you started your LP (see the book for more details), don't jump right back into a heavy weight. You'll need a weight you can get used to lifting with lower elbows before it gets heavy so you don't automatically default to your old elbows way up habit.

    If it comes back anyway, get a pair of wrist wraps and try thumbs around again. With the wrist support, you may be OK. But hopefully it won't come to that.
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    Appreciate it Wolf, will do exactly that.

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