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    Beginning Starting Strength this week, so I thought I would start a log here for support and feedback from others on the forum.

    Here are my starting stats, plan, and goals:

    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 163.5
    Bodyfat %: 10-11%

    My plan is a bulk diet while perform the Starting Strength routines Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I chose those days because I have a Pilates class I need for a P.E. requirement Mondays and Wednesdays. It does work my core well and I would like more recovery time for those core muscles, but I have to take the class. On Fridays I will do some form of cardio, whether it is basketball, HIIT, or plyometrics. Sunday will be a rest or stretching day.

    My goal right now is to gain 15 pounds over the next four months (Now until the end of May) and increase my strength. I am planning on playing in a basketball tournament in the middle or end of June (not sure of the date yet), so I will start cutting at the beginning of June. It will be easiest to cut then because I will do additional cardio to prepare for the tournament.

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    You might want to think about moving that Friday workout to Saturday, to allow for some rest. Without the proper rest, you're not going to make the gains that you want. Also eat a shit ton of food. That's just something you've got to get used to. I've heard of guys eating until it's uncomfortable, and even past that. I wouldn't recommend that, but make sure you're eating enough, or you won't make any gains.


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