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    Currently, im in the middle of my week off. Ill officially start this log on monday. Im just claiming territory with my bones as of now. Im 6'1'' and 171 lbs.

    Current 5 Rep Maxes:
    Squat: 170
    Bench: 140
    Deadlift: 235 -> need to work on form
    OHP: 95

    3 Rep Maxes:
    Power Clean: 115

    Misc Lift Maxes:
    Curlz: 42.5 lb dumbells-(4 the lulz)

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    Training day today, will update soon.

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    Squat: 3 x 5 @ 150 lbs
    * Bench: 5/3/3 @ 135 lbs *
    Deadlift: 1 x 5 @ 195 lbs

    I really should have started at a lighter weight on bench. Next workout, im going to drop the weight to 120 lbs. After getting a friend to look at my deadlift, i found that i wasn't really pulling the bar up my shins, more hunching my back and pulling it up. Add 10 lbs to deadlift, 5-10 on squat and start at 120 on bench.

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    ----LOG CLOSED------

    I need to lose some fat. Im done with this GOMAD thing. ill gain strength slowly. All Starting Strength has done for me is put 25 lbs on me. Within those 25 lbs, maybe 10 of those lbs are muscle. FUCK YOU Rippetoe. Peace out.

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    Another life ruined by Mark Rippetoe! The Texan Juggernaut claims another victim!


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