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    Hey SS members! I started SS 9/28/09, I am 29 yrs old, 5'10" @ 200lbs and my body fat is 17%. When I started SS I was 160 lbs with 8% body fat. SS has put some serious LBS on me and my over all strength has increased. I will post below where I started on my weight and where I am now.

    (sets x reps)
    OHP 3x5 85 lbs
    Bench Press 3x5 225 lbs
    Squats 3x5 175 lbs
    DL 1X5 225 lbs

    As of 1/30/2010:
    (sets x reps)
    OHP 3x5 155 lbs
    Bench Press 3x5 300 lbs (Maxed 350 lbs on 1/28/10)
    Squats 3x5 295 lbs
    DL 1X5 385 lbs
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