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    whats good everyone, ive been lurking for a little and finally decided to show up and stay consistent with a training log.

    about a year ago, I was around 135-145 roughly, at 6'1. it sucked being tossed around by a gentle gust or breeze every other day. later in that year i paid for a trainer, and he put me on a bodybuilding routine and advised that i ate more. after shelling out my pockets, i saw little results.

    then i came across other routines online. dabbled in that a little bit, and ended up with the stronglifts program. after building up my technique and form on alot of these compound exercises, i finally manned up and purchased rippetoe's starting strength book and within months the change has been drastic.

    im now hovering around 180 with the help of gomad, and im gonna try to go for 200+ within the next couple months; with a buffet diet of mcdoubles, eggs, milk, pasta and all of that goodness.

    my personal bests as of riiight now are as follows:

    3x5 Bench Press: 165
    3x5 Squat: 265
    1x5 Deadlift: 275
    5X3 Power Cleans: 135
    3x5 Press: 115

    My goals are too stop being a pussy on the deadlifts, get some chalk and lift that shit off the ground. Ive also failed at my press repetitions a couple times, so im going to probably do a reset and go back at it in the next couple days.
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