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    Default Training Log

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    Here are my workouts so far:

    Workout 1: Weight: 185
    Found work sets -
    Squat 155
    Bench 155
    Deadlift 185

    Workout 2: Weight: 186
    Squat 175
    Press 75
    Clean 90

    I went way too light on the clean and press. Before starting this program I was doing 135 for 5x5 for the clean-and-press... although my form wasn't great. Increasing Clean weight to 125 next time and the press to 80 to see where I am.

    Workout 3: Weight: 187
    Squat 185
    Bench 160
    Deadlift 205 - I messed up here and did 3 sets of 5 at 205... I am used to doing a 5x5 workout for deadlifts, so I guess I sort of got in the zone? Anyway, on the bright side I got 3 sets of 5 at this weight no problem, so I'll go up to 225 next week.

    Chins BW x5, x4, x3. Decided to tack these on to the end of the workout, simply because my lats/biceps aren't getting much work from the deadlifts early on. I've found they recover really quickly, and they're used to taking a beating on pullups, deadlifts, and rows. As the deadlifts get heavy, I will drop them off if need be to allow adequate reovery. Later, I may move more toward the Onus Wunsler-type program.

    Anyway, the squats felt really good today. They are just now starting to get a little heavy, so next workout will be 195.

    Need to get a video up soon to make sure my squat form is good. don't have a video camera though, so i'll have to bum one from somebody.

    Anyway, i'm done lifting till Thursday.

    time for milk.

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    Default Workout 4

    Weight: 188

    Squats: 195
    Press: 85
    Clean: 115
    Chins: BW x5, x4, x4

    The lower back was a little tight today, so I rolled it out on the foam roller before and after the workout to get the facia to loosen up some.

    The squats felt good today. Starting to get a little heavy, but I like it. Going up to 205 on Saturday, so that should be interesting. I need to get a vid camera at some point to get my form checked. I think I'm going deep enough, but it's hard to tell. People at the gym say that I am, but i don't trust them, because approximately 80-90% of people are retarded.

    The presses felt good. I jumped up 10 pounds in weight rather than 5 this time because i think I started too light at 75. Only going up by 5 pound increments from here on out most likely, so its 90 pounds next.

    Bumped up the weight to 115 on cleans to make up for starting way to light the first workout. Form feels good. Probably could have done 125 easily. I'll probably go up to 125 next workout. I feel that I can sustain 10 pound jumps for a maybe week or 2 before backing off to 5# increments.

    So far, the workouts haven't been really putting much of a load on my larger back muscles, as my lower back and other supportive muscles have to catch up. So, to get in some assistance work, I've started doing some light chins at the end of each workout. I was doing pullups rather frequently before beginning thsi program. So far, they don't seem to be impacting my recovery.

    Once the deadlifts and cleans get heavy, I'll phase them out if it impacts recovery at all.

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    Default Workout 5

    Weight: 188

    Squat: 205
    Bench: 165
    Deadlift: 225
    Chins: BW x5, x4, x4

    The squats are starting to get heavy, but so far so good. I recorded the vid's today for squat and DL, but technical shit is keeping me from getting it on the computer. I can't tell if I am stopping a little high on the squats. Also can't tell if I'm not getting my knees out enough. I'm seeing a little back rounding at the bottom, but only slightly. The weight felt good.

    Bench was fine. Going up to 170 next week.

    Deadlifts felt very good. The weight is finally feeling a little heavy, but I can go up to 245 no problem next workout. Form looked pretty solid in the video.

    Chins were also pretty easy. I'm going to move up next workout to maybe x6, x4, x4 and hold that for 3 workouts. Doing chins 3x a week seems to be working well. It's not impacting recovery on any of my other lifts at all... only making me stronger.

    The only thing I am struggling with is getting in the calories. I've stayed with the initial introduction of 1/2gal per day for GOMAD, but now I need to jack it up to the full gallon a day. I've gone up maybe 3 pounds in weight over the past week and a half, but I can tell I am starting to lean out some, which means my body is going to need more fuel to continue growing without getting stuck.

    Diet is going to be the main challenge for this program for sure. I am working so much right now it's difficult to remember to eat throughout the day.

    so far, so good.

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    Nice work, keep it going man. Just wondering, how tall are you?

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    update to the log... After reviewing my vid's just on the video camera (they didnt' record properly), My knees aren't going out over my toes properly at all. I am thinking about that during the squat, but it looks like they are just going straight forward in the video.

    That means I need to reset on the squat and get the form down first, since i'm early in the game. I'll post a video next workout.

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    Default Workout 6

    Got in the gym again today with the camera. Made some adjustments to the squat and it seems to be working well. I'll post a vid in the technique forum.

    Body Weight: 190
    Squat: 210
    Press: 90
    Clean: 125
    Chins: BW x5, x4, x4

    Presses are starting to get a little heavy. Will need to start taking jumps that are less than 5 pounds soon.... need to get some fractional plates ordered.

    The squats are definitely getting heavy... I think I am going to stick with 5 pound jumps for now.

    Cleans- still fairly light. gonna go up to 135 next.

    Chins are cake. moving up to x6 x4 x4 next workout.

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    Default Workout 7

    I was supposed to take today off before starting my new week and lift tomorrow, but an infuriatingly retarded girlfriend resulted in my venting heavily at the gym.

    Good news - Ended up PRing in both the squat and the deadlift. Bad news is I haven't gained much weight. Still stuck at 190 (5 pound gain). Just need to eat more and keep drinking the milk. I also warmed up on the heavy bag to vent out some extra rage before lifting.

    Squat: 215
    Bench: 170
    Deadlift: 245
    Chins: x6 x4 x3

    The squats felt really good. I think the form is ok for now.

    Deadlifts were pretty heavy. Back may have rounded slightly at the end of the lift.

    I was wiped by the time I got to the chinups... being pissed off for 5 or 6 hours really drains you.

    Good day though
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    Default Workout 8

    body weight: 191
    Squats: 220
    Press: 95
    Clean: 135
    chins: BWx6 x4 x4

    Presses are starting to get heavy. Probably need to drop down to less than 5 pound jumps here shortly.

    Cleans felt fine, squats were good.

    Going up to 225 for the squat, 260 for the deadlift, 175 for the bench next.

    I LOVE every exercize in this program, so I am pumped to work out every time I get into the gym. Good feeling. Still struggling with eating enough to put on serious weight. 6 pounds so far in 2.5 weeks.
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    Default Workout 9

    Body Weight: 191
    Squat: 225
    Bench: 175
    Deadlift: 265
    Chins: BW x6 x4 x4

    The squats are getting very heavy. Today I noticed that on some reps my ass tended to shift to the right a little bit on the way down, but I think I managed to correct it. Bar speed was slow on the last set, but i got it done. Heading to 230 on Thursday. My lower back is definitely the weak link right now, but I guess it is that way for everyone.

    Bench felt very good. Going to 180 next. I may have started a little light, but this is working well, so I'm not going to fuck with it.

    The deadlifts felt GREAT. The warmup felt heavy, but once I adjusted and got warm, the work set was cake. Headed to either 280 or 285 next. Haven't decided on the weight next.

    The chins seem to be helping out quite a bit, and I like them in the program so far. The deadlifts and cleans aren't showing any problems from it. Going up to x6x5x4 on Thursday.

    Definitely need to start eating a lot more to keep this progress going.

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    Default Workout 10

    starting strength coach development program
    Body Weight: 193

    Squat: 230
    Press: 100
    Clean: 155
    Chins: BW x6 x5 x4

    Squats are definitely getting heavy. depth was iffy on a few reps today. Still going to stick with 5 pound increments. 235 next. The only thing i am noticing now is that my lower back is having a hard time recovering fully from workout to workout. Not sure how to fix this weak link, or if I even need to.

    Press is coming right along. Focusing on really powering through the first half of the press seems to help with bar speed. Going up to 105.

    Clean: Accidentally did 155 instead of 145 today.... apparently I can't count. anyway, they actually weren't that heavy. Form is iffy.... submitting a vid to Rip for review. Going up to 165 probably for the next lift. 10 pound jumps are still ok.

    chins are cake... i definitely like this as an ongoing component of the program. recovery here doesn't seem to be a factor.

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