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    Started Feb. 26

    Bodyweight - 159#

    Worked up to these weights. Ended when bar was moving slower. Did 2 more sets of 5.

    Squat - 145
    MP - 80
    DL - 195

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    Feb 28th

    Bodyweight 159.25

    Squat - 155
    Bench - 125
    Hang Clean - 95 (I will be switching to power cleans. For some reason I thought it was hang cleans)
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    March 2nd.

    Turned 31 today. I'm around 5'9.5"

    Bodyweight - 161.75

    Squat - 165
    MP - 85
    DL - 205

    Last rep on third set took a bit of effort. I'm thinking I didn't rest enough between sets. Really focused on pushing out knees today in the squat.

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    Good job! stay with it the strength gains come fast as long as your eating enough.

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    Saturday, March 6, 2010

    I missed a day. My only excuse is that I got home from work, and found out that plans had been made for me, so I was unable (without disrupting those 'plans') to get a workout in yesterday.

    Bodyweight - 161.75 : I have no real excuse for this. I thought I was eating enough. I was sick on tuesday night/wednesday morning, but I thought I made up for it. I guess not. Need to eat more.

    Squat - 175 : 5, 3, 4 : Not very good day of squatting. That last rep I nearly fell forward after giving all I had. Damn. Was disappointed in this, but I gave it effort. I guess I go with 175 again next time.

    MP - 90 : Felt good and strong. Going to continue with 5# increments, but I felt good on this lift. I didn't do BP, because well I'm just cutting the BP out. I always workout alone, and never feel like I can push myself in the BP. Based on Starting Strength, and what I've read from Bill Starr, I'm not convinced that the BP is necessary under my circumstances.

    PC - 105 : Felt strong on this lift. Really worked on catching it in a good clean position. Need to go heavier to ensure that my legs are being used more, as sometimes I felt it in the legs, other times I think my arms were doing too much of the work. Still, I really enjoy this lift. Wish I had bumpers at the gym though.


    I'm going to go ahead and stick to my original schedule and lift tomorrow, just later in the day to hopefully allow enough recovery.


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