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    My first post on the forum. I'm from Dallas, TX and have been lifting on and off for about 2 years now. Decided to get serious about 4 months ago and started SS. My stats:

    34 years old 6'1" 198 lbs 15.8% BF

    My current lifts for a SS workout. I do warmups at the percentages described in the book and have not stopped linear progression yet.

    Squat 3x5 @ 305
    Standard Deadlift (overhand grip) 1x5 @ 350
    Bench 3x5 @ 225
    OHP 3x5 @ 160
    Clean 5x3 @ 175

    I've added pullups, dips, and planks as well

    Pullups 3x10 + 15 lbs
    Dips 3x10 +30 lbs

    My goals are strength oriented only. I'm not concerned with a beach body or anything like that. I would like to deadlift 500 for reps by the end of the year with the rest of my lifts falling into place weight wise relative to my deadlift.

    My weaknesses: Not sleeping enough. I'm working on that.

    My strengths: I never miss a workout. I don't care if I work a 20 hour shift, if I tell you I will be at the gym, I will be there. I would really like to have a workout partner but can't find anyone consistent enough who doesn't make excuses all the time.

    My diet: I eat five meals a day and shoot for 1000 cal a meal. Additionally I drink 50 g of whey protein midday and 50 g of casein protein before bed. I take a krill oil supplement (fish oil gives me adverse effects), multi-vitamin, and I may have some caffeine before a workout if I feel I need a boost.

    Gym Gear: Chalk on DL days, small towel, and mp3 player.

    If pictures are allowed I will post one. I workout at night at the 24 hour on Coit and Campbell Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you are there stop by and have a chat. It would be a pleasure meeting another SS'er. I'm usually the only one at the squat rack so I'm easy to find.

    I will post a new log every couple of weeks.
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    Here's a picture. 6'1" @ 198 lbs. A couple of other notes:

    I've gotten some good sleep the past few days and feel very well rested. Looking forward to my workout tomorrow.
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