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    Hello everyone,

    I've recently stumbled upon SS and after reading up here, I ordered the book. I'm impressed with the direct approach it takes and the simplicity that it involves. I've been a gym diddler in the past, constantly looking for the right program to bulk me up a little/lot. I've played around with squatting and deadlifts in the past, but had no idea what I was really doing. After reading through SS and watching the DVD, I feel a lot more confident.

    Currently, I'm 29, 6'2" and weigh just over 170. I'll post up body fat % tonight after I take the measurements (Currently 20% BF). I've just started bumping up my calories, this week will be experimenting with getting enough in my system (I personally hate eating, so this will take some dedication). Tomorrow is first day at the gym, so tonight will be a prep night to make sure my ducks are all lined up.

    I'll post my starting numbers tomorrow after session one. I have to say, I'm pretty excited.
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    Ok, first thing I learned: I'm weak.

    Weight: 171lbs %BF: 20
    Height: 6'2"
    Age: 29

    (To much weight, too fast I think. Should have used smaller increments. Tried to back peddle and just burnt myself out. The stairs into my apartment were rough).

    Bench Press:

    Dead Lifts:
    (My gym doesn't have the large plastic weight or block, so I attempted to rig something up and was atleast able to get bar weight in. Not confident on the form, back to the book and dvd for more research).

    I need to rewatch and do some more reading to feel a little more confident in the form.


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