I am a former HS football player who lost his way in college/early career (trying to look like Pat Bateman) and at 24, was 6’1” 168lbs – malnourished and overtrained

I started doing stronglifts for a month, got burned out, realized it was bs, found this site, lurked, bought the book and after reading through it and doing a Tough Mudder recently, I started doing (my personal approximation of) Starting Strength this week

Some more background:

- I am not doing the program, I can’t eat the necessary amounts in my work environment and sometimes sleep will be compromised
- Although I was pretty thin, I gained some weight on stronglifts, I’m like 182lbs now
- Also, even though whilst thin, I didn’t squat, I did realize machines were BS, so I did lots of BW stuff (handstand push-ups, weighted dips and pull-ups), and the occasional deadlifting, so I am not starting at point 0
- I eat mostly a paleo diet, plus milk (I’ll probably be HGOMAD – I recognize that I can’t expect the same gains as I could with GOMAD)
- I will probably do some form of HIIT/plyos once a week, probably play basketball like once a week too

Here is what I did so far this week :

Day 1
Squat – 205x3x5
OHP – 125x3x5 (need to do again, form was eh on the last set)
Power Clean – 111x5x3 (using KG bumper plates, converted to lbs, doing PC for 1st time really)
Pull-up – 27.5x1x5

Day 2
Squat – 210x3x5
Bench – 195x3x5 (like OHP, need to tighten up form to progress)
Deadlift – 265x1x5 (lost form on 4th, failed on the 5th)
Dip – 47.5x1x5

post-script -- skinny Italian suits are not meant for folks who spend much time squatting, probably need to hit up the tailor soon