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    Default ChiefCisco's SS Log - Starting @ 150lbs

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    ChiefCisco's Training Log

    Hey everyone,

    This will be my training log. I am creating it so that others who are similar to myself can see my progression and get a better idea of what kind of numbers might be expected on the program. I have tried my best to be consistent, but there are a few examples of "You're Not Doing The Program!" in this log. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes.


    5'9, 176 lbs as of 7/14/2010
    28 Years Old
    Doing Starting Strength training program (Squats every session, alternating Bench/OHP and Deadlift/Power Cleans)

    What I'm Lifting Now:

    Squat: 220x3x5
    Bench: 145x3x5
    OHP: 112.5x3x5
    Deadlift: 240x1x5
    Pwr Clean: 125x5x3

    Background Info:
    I just started working out 3 months ago. Before that, I never really worked out more than about two or three sessions in a row. I just didn't have a very strong will to do so when I was younger. Needless to say, I was always scrawny and weak. But now I'm highly motivated and regretting the years I've wasted.

    When I started working out, I was 143 lbs. The first month, I just did some common exercises with dumbbells. I would do isolation exercises mostly, with the bench press thrown in. I didn't know what I was doing, I was just proud of myself for doing it on a consistent basis. After about 3 weeks, I started to see some slight change. I had a thin figure, so it didn't take much of a change to notice a difference. This motivated me even more, so I hit the web and started searching the forums. That's when I found Starting Strength by Rippetoe.

    The last two months I have been training vigorously, 3x per week, on a somewhat consistent schedule. The weight on the bar has been increasing constantly and my food intake has been way higher than I ever imagined it could be. I've always been a poor eater. I've been keeping up with my calories on fitday recently, and I'm averaging about 4500 cals a day.

    I'm starting this journal so that I can help others who are similar to myself. I know I researched several training logs, and I always wished there were more out there who matched my own weight and training program. Maybe I can help others with my experiences so far.

    Thanks for following and advice is always welcome!
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    Starting weight: 150 lbs


    Squat: 95lbsx3x5
    OHP: 85lbsx3x5
    Pwr Clean: 85lbsx3x5

    All of the weights felt light. Just trying to get the form down. I practiced the power cleans without a bar for about 30 minutes the night before. They still felt weird today, but I was getting better by the final set. I was getting the bar pretty high up. I had to be careful not to smack myself in the throat or face at times.

    Squat: 105x3x5
    Bench: 105x3x5
    Deadlift: 145x1x5

    WEEK 1

    Squat: 115lbsx3x5
    OHP: 90x3x5
    Pwr Clean: 90x3x5

    Squat: 125x3x5
    Bench: 115x3x5
    Deadlift: 160x1x5

    Squat: 135lbsx3x5
    OHP: 95x3x5
    Pwr Clean: 100x3x5

    Monday's squats felt heavy and hard to finish. Surprisingly, Wednesday and Friday's squats felt easier to finish. I love how the body adapts. The deadlift and press are also starting to feel pretty heavy.

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    WEEK 2

    Squat: 145x3x5
    Bench: 125x3x5
    Deadlift: 175x1x5

    Squat: 155lbsx3x5
    OHP: 100x3x5
    Pwr Clean: 105x3x5

    Squat: 165x3x5
    Bench: 135x3x5
    Deadlift: 190x1x5

    My calorie intake this week was pretty good. It averaged around 4000-4500. 3 Protein shakes a day. I was astounded by how fast the weight was going up, and the workouts were seeming easier, not harder. My legs are somewhat sore all the time, but nothing too bad, and once I go through my warmup sets, I cant feel any pain at all.

    Notice my 10lb jump on the Bench. Not a good idea. I should have stuck to 5 lb but the Bench felt easier than the other exercises, so I went ahead and raised it up 10 lbs. Patience is a virtue.
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    WEEK 3

    My first slip up. This was my birthday week and we took a trip to Colorado. Unfortunately, I had trouble finding a gym with the proper equipment, and once I finally did find one, they were closed to non-members during the hours that I went. Bogus. I can't tell you how bad I wanted to work out this week. Not only did I not get to exercise, but my newly acquired metabolism went to crap after a week of eating junk food in the car. When I started the trip, I weighed 165 lbs. I lost 5 pounds during that week.

    Mark Rippetoe's "You're Not Doing the Program!" rings through my ears.

    This is example #1 of YNDTP!

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    WEEK 4

    Squat: 165x3x5.. These were extremely hard!
    OHP: 100x3x5.. Also hard.
    Pwr Clean: 105x5x3.. Wow. Very Hard. I wish I never took a break.

    Squat: 170x3x5.. Started doing 5 lb jumps instead of 10. Felt much easier.
    Bench: 140x3x5.. Did Not Finish!! (DNF) I missed the last rep. Gonna re-do this weight next time.
    Deadlift: 205x1x5.. This felt very hard too. This was the first time it felt like my grip was weakening.

    Squat: 175x3x5.. Squats are feeling much easier with only 5 lb jumps
    OHP: 105x3x5.. These were very hard and I had bad form completing them. I'll re-do this weight.
    Pwr Clean: 105x5x3.. I repeated the same weight as last time, but it was a little easier for me this time.

    This week was tough. I hate that I took a 9 day break. My eating was better this week, much better.

    Bodyweight as of 6-10-10: 166 lbs
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    WEEK 5

    Squat: 180x3x5
    Bench: 137.5x3x5.. I dropped a little weight and started doing 2.5 lb jumps.
    Deadlift: 215x1x5.. I also started doing 10 lb jumps on this instead of 15. They were getting heavy.

    Squat: 185x3x5
    OHP: 105x3x5
    Pwr Clean: N/A.... I didn't have the equipment on this day and I substituted Bent-Over Rows instead: 105x3x5
    Example #2 of YNDTP!

    Squat: 190x3x5.. These have been feeling real easy since I dropped to 5 lb jumps. No problems at all.
    Bench: 140x3x5.. The 2.5 lb jumps help. These aren't as challenging.
    Deadlift: 225x1x5.. Deadlifts still going strong. Steady increases.

    This week went smooth. I was eating well and getting plenty of rest. These weights are starting to make my DOMS linger a little longer and I find myself really looking forward to the two day break I get after Friday's brutal workout.

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    WEEK 6

    Squat: 197.5x3x5.. I got greedy since these have been easy. I went with a 7.5 lb jump. I would later regret this.
    Example #3 of YNDTP!
    OHP: 107.5x3x5.. Dropped to 2.5 lb jumps here as well.
    Pwr Clean: 110x5x3.. Felt good. My form seems to have improved. I was overthinking the movement before, but now I just bend and lift. Only thing I focus on now is getting my elbows forward.

    Squat: 205x3x5.. Another 7.5 lb jump. By Friday, I would feel the difference in the pain in my legs and butt.
    Bench: 142.5x3x5.. steady increases.
    Deadlift: 235x1x5.. steady increases.

    Squat: 210x3x5.. These were very hard today. I should have stuck to 5 lb jumps. I barely got these done.
    OHP: 110x3x5.. Also very hard today.
    Pwr Clean: 115x5x3.. These felt easy for me today. They felt real good. Form and Power felt good.

    I think Power Cleans are my new favorite exercise.

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    WEEK 7

    Squat: 215x3x5
    Bench: 145x3x5
    Deadlift: 245x1x5

    Squat: 220x3x5
    OHP: 112.5x3x5
    Pwr Clean: 125x3x5

    I didn't get a Friday workout in. Example #4 of YNDTP!

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    WEEK 8

    Once again, I had to go out of town and wasn't able to get to a gym. Add that on top of the fact that I skipped my Friday workout and you have a recipe for self loathing. I kick myself for missing workouts, and rightfully so.

    Example #(I don't even know anymore) of YNDTP! Stick to the damn program!!!!!

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    starting strength nutrition camp

    WEEK 9

    Squat: 220x3x5.. These were the hardest yet. I finished them, but with bad form on several reps. I'll repeat.
    Bench: 142.5x3x5
    Deadlift: 240x1x5

    Squat: 220x3x5.. DNF!! This was the first time I missed a rep on squats. It was the last rep on my second set. I lowered the weight by 5 lbs and did the last set. I gotta stop missing workouts.
    OHP: 110x3x5
    Pwr Clean: 125x3x5

    My schedule got thrown off a bit. I had to do Monday's workout on Sunday. I have missed on 220 on my squats twice now. I'm going to try once more before lowering the weight.

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