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    Default Older guy's SS log

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    Hi all.
    Age 56 here, 6 foot, 230 pounds.
    I've been through the SS training a few times. Travel and such had me take breaks in training, so I'm starting over.
    Max last time: squat 220 3x5, dead 265 1x5, bench 130 3x5, OH 105 3x5, power clean 95 5x3

    My plan is to keep doing deadlifts each session as long as they don't wear me out, a plan I read about recently here for older guys.

    My log so far:
    Date Mon Aug 2
    Squat 3x5 115
    Bench Press 3x5 85
    Deadlift 1x5 135

    Workout B-1
    Date Wed Aug 4
    Squat 3x5 125
    Military Press 3x5 65
    Deadlift 1x5 145

    Workout A-2
    Date Fri Aug 6
    Squat 3x5 130
    Bench Press 3x5 90
    Deadlift 1x5 155

    Starting tomorrow I'll list the warmups as well, maybe a comment or two on how the session felt.

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    Default Tues 8/10/10

    Squats 2x5x45, 5x50, 3x80, 2x105 and 3x5x135. Big Wheels!

    OH Press 2x5x45, 2x55, and 3x5x70

    Deadlift 2x135, and 5x160.

    Yesterday I delayed and delayed and then sudden work stopped me from getting anything done. Lesson: First thing in the morning, after grogginess fades a bit.

    Deadlift is not a problem. Squats are doable, but I'm surprised how weak I've gotten. Put the bar away for a few weeks and it's like you never touched it.

    Anecdotes: I keep seeing the "standard" bench press these days, meaning lower it about three inches and lift it back. Today there was something new, though. A young, strong and fit looking guy came in and benched 135 properly, all the way down to touch his chest, but with with his knees and ankles in the air. He did his sets of 135 and ran around the track a bit. Maybe he's a sprinter?

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    On Thursday, Aug 12, Did Squats 3x5x 140. Bench 3x5x95, Deadlift 5x165. With the usual warmups.
    My gym closed for a week!
    Today is Monday 8/23/10
    Workout was Squats 3x5x135, Bench 3x5x90, Deadlift 5x160, with usual warmup.

    It seemed easy, actually. Will go up ten pounds in the deadlift next session.

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    Hi Jack,

    Your body stats are really close to mine, so I'll keep an eye out for you, if only because you are my future...

    Previously when you did SS, did you exhaust the novice stage, or did lift just get in the way?

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    Default Wed 8/25/10

    Squats and Press with bango's warmup. I'm going to try and link to it:

    Squats , 3x5x140
    OH Press, 3x5x70
    Dead 2x140, 5x170

    First, thanks Joe for dropping by. I got up to 225 for squat, 265 dead, 130 bench, 105 OH press, and 95 power clean. I did a day or two of Texas Method, then life got in the way.

    Comments on today: Deadlifts were still pretty easy, so I'm going up another ten pounds next time.

    I think I went below parallel on squats, at least for one set. The correct foot placement seems crucial.

    When I walked into the place [after they were closed for a week and I tried another gym for a bit], I was shocked to see the power cage was gone! The whole gym could hear my "WHAT!" Luckily they had just moved it, and to a better place. No more mirror!

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    Default Fri 8/27/10

    usual bango warmup for squat and bench.
    Squats 3x5x145
    Bench 3x5x95
    Dead 2x150, 5x180

    Hopefully I'm getting the hang of squats a bit. I feel like I'm going really low. Bench is pretty easy, but I'm in no rush. Dead is still pretty easy at 180 .

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    Default Mon 8/30/10

    starting strength nutrition camp
    Usual squat and OH press warmups.

    Squat 3x5x150
    OH Press 3x5x75
    Deadlift 1x135 2x160 5x190

    I came in fatigued from long work day yesterday. Squats were hardest.

    Deadlift is still easy. Will go for 200 on Wednesday.

    There was a guy today benching 265 for 10 or 15 reps. Of course I expected his arms to lower 2 inches tops, but no. He did the real thing, an all the way to the chest bench press.

    Here's the dialogue we had:

    Me: That was beautiful.
    Him: Thanks.
    Me: A real work of art.
    Him: I used to be a powerlifter.
    Me: That's obvious. [He was 70's big]
    Him: Yeah, I used to squat 715 for a single. But that's long gone.
    Me: Well it's good to see someone who knows what he's doing.

    715 for a single! And he still benches more than I squat or deadlift. Lesson in humility.


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