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    I'm sorry, I could not think of a creative title.

    I originally stated SS in June 2009 and was only 5lbs away from my deadlift goal (200lbs) when I found out I was pregnant in September, so here I am, nearly a year later with a 9 week old baby, and aching to get back into a real lifting program. I've stayed active & still lifted moderately this entire time, but I could never push myself to the max, so that really is my ultimate goal!

    My stats: 5'5, 136lbs, ?% body fat
    My goals: Reach my 200lb deadlift goal, get back to my bodyweight squat PR (which was 125lbs at the time), and to improve my press dramatically. To rack the clean properly too, lol.

    Today was a trial run, I did not start a full SS day because I wanted to test my lifts. My time is very limited (re: in between naps!) so I will do another test on Friday (press, power clean) and then start my real workout on Monday.

    Some lifts from today...
    Squat 65lbs x 5 x 3
    Bench 55lbs x 5 x 3
    Deadlift 125lbs x 5 x 1

    Quite low compared to what I was at before. That's okay, I hope improvements come quicker!

    Here is my little man, attempting pushups already!
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    Cute kid

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    Mr.City: Thank you

    I look forward to my next training session, I hope the squat rack is not occupied by idiots again. I had to tell two different guys (one being a PT) to get the hell out of the rack so that I could do some lifting. I was the only one doing ATG, the rest enjoyed their 1/4 front squats. Unfortunate...

    I'm not sure how my lifts are going to progress because I was still able to squat and press until about 7 months pregnant, bench press was out (not supposed to lay flat back), and power cleans just hit my belly at a certain point (oops). I'm pretty uneven at the moment..


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