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Thread: Tinkering with the pulls

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    Thursday 10/7

    SQ - 305 - 2x5 - rest
    Press - 175 - 3x5 - PR
    DL - 445 - 1x5 - PR

    squats needed the day off, I might push them next workout, wait til the one after, or just go to TM with them next week, haven't decided yet. I got a little shaky on the presses and tweaked my upper back a little. The fifth reps on my press sets can get ugly, even if i seem to breeze through the first 3 reps. DL went good, but I did it with a belt and it was awkward to breath in between reps. not sure what I'll try next time.

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    Sunday 10/10

    BP - 240 - 3x5 - PR
    SQ - 305 - 5x5
    chins - +50 - 3x5 - PR

    So I started TM with squats. Pressing lifts should follow within the next month, so this will be last post here.

    Moral of the story is that squats and deads can continue linear progression pretty well if deads are limited to once a week starting about at the time of the first squat reset, and that such a move frees up time for chins and/or extra PC (until your elbow goes south).

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