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Thread: Starting Strenght quest to be a strong c*nt

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    Default Starting Strenght quest to be a strong ****

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    So ive been doing a bit of training before a few weeks ago when i stumbled upon Starting Strenght, and have been doing it for about 6workouts and decided to start a log in this section.

    Im a carpentry apprentice and my stats are as follows:

    Age: 22
    Height: 171cm
    Sex: Male
    Weight: 95 (abit fat)

    Always had a "stocky" build but thought it was time to become a strong fuk, incase the zombie apocalypse comes before i can afford a chainsaw.

    I have an alrite diet which im slowly trying to make better, the average day is as follows:

    Breaky: Cereal and milk, nuts and yogart.
    Snack: Nut bar or protien bar
    Lunch: chicken breast and cheese sandwich, muffin.
    Snack: eggs on toast, nuts, milk
    Dinner: Meat and pasta, milk
    Snack: carrot, milk

    I think the biggest problem in the future will be sleep. I can only manage about 7hours per night.

    My goals by the end of the year are to lose some fat and gain muscle of course and gets my lifts to:

    Squat: 130KG
    Bench: 110Kg
    Press: 70Kg
    PC: 65KG
    Dead: 140kg

    Any advice and/or feedback as i go along is well appreciated.
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    My last workout so you can see all my lift stats and todays workout:

    Squats: 92Kg --- 3x5
    Bench: 98Kg --- 3x5 Easy!
    Dead: 97.5KG --- 1x5 Easy!
    Dips: BW --- 15, 11, 10

    And todays workout:

    Squat: 94.5KG/209lbs --- 3x5
    Press: 62KG/ 136.4lbs --- 3x5
    Power clean: 47KG/103.4lbs --- 3x5 (just started doing em)
    Pull ups: 11, 6, 4 --- BW

    Thanks for reading

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    had a good day today, got some more weights for my home gym from the reuse centre for cheap, then sat outside with a few ciders in the sun

    Pumped for my workouts this week as I'll be at trade school doing not much physical work so recovery should be good. Looking forward to pushing my squats , bench and deadlifts at or above 100kg this week if I can do that I'll be happy as.

    Starting to feel a change in my muscles, they feeling bigger and harder.

    Wish me luck on my 100kg goals!

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    good workout today, plus i passed my hazard perception test, one step closer to being able to drive my ute thats sitting in my driveway taunting me saying ""haha u cant drive me yet"

    Sadly though my milk chiller, aka my fridge broke today, so fuck me more money down the drain.

    PR's on everything, sick

    Squat: 96.5KG/212.3lbs --- 3x5
    Bench: 99KG/217.8lbs --- 3x5
    Dead: 102KG/224.4lbs --- 1x5
    Dips: 17, 9, 7


    Pretty good workout, had two eggs, milk and nuts before hand, and have 3 lamb cutlets, carrots and garlic bread cooking now, with milk. Squats where pretty easy, bench felt easy to, had a nice speed and set myself up good, which i think makes all the difference. On my dips i was totally fucked and only had about 50second rest between sets.

    Should be a good week weight wise, as i said ill be at trade school all week apart from tommorow, so good recovery.

    Mite have to move wednesday workout to thursday.

    1 more KG and im on to 100KG bench, yusss

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    alrite workout today, only had a pie for lunch though, so hope recovery is ok. Made up for it later.

    Squat: 98Kg --- 3x5
    press: 64.5Kg --- 3x5
    power clean: 49.5KG -- 3x3

    PR's on everything.

    We are moving house, and today we were having someone look today, turned out to be this short black guy with huge chest and arms, ha

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    couldnt workout for a week as i moved house and was with out my weights, then when i got em i didnt have any money and was living off noodles and eggs. Paying 3 months rent and a bond for your new place when u dont have the bond yet from the old place is hard. But all g now, even went to bunnings and spend some money on tools , yusssssssssss

    Was going to repeat last workout, but pushed on as i wanted to get my 100KG squat and Bench today.

    And i did, yay me.

    Squat: 100.5kg/221lbs --- 3x5
    Bench: 100.5kg/221lbs --- 3x5 -YES!
    Dead:109.5KG/250lbs --- 1x5 - easy, but im running out of weights, fuck shit

    Good workout, had beef and milk afterwards. Im thinking once i stall on the bench, i may deload and do the 5/5/max thing till i work back up to my PR(whenever i stall) and then smash it. I hope i wont stall till 110KG.

    Off to take my girls new puppy for a walk, he a fucking menace. Cant wait till i get me staffy pup, hes going to be cool like methodman.

    peace gease feast

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    great day today, spent all day building a kenel for the pup.

    good workout too, tho i couldnt do power cleans

    Squat: 102KG/ 224lbs --- 3x5 - PR
    Press: 67KG/ 147lbs --- 3x5 - PR
    Chins: 10, 7, 4

    Press was harrrrd. Im going to repeat it next time, then micro load 1kg, said i was going to do it last time but i didnt, i will this time. Squat felt easy??

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    great workout today, thought it wasnt going to be as i went rock climbing yesterday, and relised its alot harder when u weight 95kg! PR's on everything.

    Squat: 104KG/ 228lbs --- 3x5
    bench: 101.5KG/ 223lbs --- 3x5
    dead: 112KG/ 246lbs --- 3x5

    workout was good, the bench speed was fast today, same with squats, dead felt easy still. Looking good to reach all my goals by the end of the year.

    might add some forearm work, since im going to be climbing every now and again.

    what u think would be best? Ima do some research now

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    alright workout today.

    Squat: 106.5KG --- 3x5
    Press: 67KG --- 5,5,4,2 - Fail.
    Row: 67KG --- 3x5
    Chins: 8, 6, 5

    I cant do power cleans as my new shed is too small, have to find some assistance work to even this out with rows and something else.

    Cant wait for bench press next workout.

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    starting strength coach development program
    What happened with the press? Nice workouts so far. Your starting weight is my weight goal lol.

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