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Thread: LongDriver's Training Log

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    Quote Originally Posted by LongDriver View Post
    Well, this is my first post in over 11 years (4,131 days to be more precise). I wouldn't be surprised if that's a record for this site.
    Welcome back! I've been lurking around here since 2017, active since 2019, and when I saw your name I was thinking "who in the hell is that?" It didn't take long to see that you were of the old guard.

    Quote Originally Posted by LongDriver View Post
    I'm 62 years old now, and I resumed weight training earlier this year. I've been lurking a bit lately, and I was able to remember my password so I thought I'd finally check back in. Here's a brief summary of what's been happening during my time away.
    Speaking of old, there's a pretty good-sized group of us seasoned lifters around here. Many that will consider you a youngster. And we're all here to help. You already understand the programming and have got the help at The Strength Co, so you're on the right track.

    Keep at it, as you know that consistency is key.

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    Thanks Bill!

    Yes, I remember bob g used to post to my log fairly regularly and was a nice source of encouragement. Looks like he hasn't been around in awhile, and neither has Oldster. I did see that Mark Hurling is still active though.

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    August 9, 2023:

    Squat: 225 3x5
    Press: 97 3x5, 1x15

    After my coaching session I decided to re-introduce presses into my workouts as much as possible. I also decided to reset the weight and try to use the technique I was taught. I did this on the first two sets, and on the third set after struggling with the first three reps I fell back into my old "incorrect" technique and got the last two reps easily. Then on the final set I did all the reps my old way. I decided that I wasn't going to worry so much about using the proper technique, since right now it seems to get me too fatigued, and also seems to limit the amount of weight I can lift.

    August 12, 2023:

    Squat: 227 3x5 (high)
    Press: 102 3x5, 122 1x1, 132 1x1, 142 1x1
    Deadlift: 288 1x5

    I'm still having trouble getting all the way down when I'm squatting close to my 5-rep max. I didn't have this issue during the coaching session because I was using lower weights. On the press I decided to get sort of a baseline, so I could better measure my progress in the coming weeks and months. The 142 was very easy, and I think I may have been able to do 160 if I had tried it. The deadlift went up slow and was a grind. My grip was starting to slip just a hair on the last rep (right hand only).

    August 16, 2023:

    Squat: 228 3x5 (some reps were high and others OK)

    August 18, 2023:

    Squat: singles with 188, 208, 228, 248 (OK), 253 (high), 250 (OK), 260 (high), 260 (maybe parallel)

    August 22, 2023:

    Squat: 230 3x5 (high)

    August 26, 2023:

    Squat: 231 3x5 (a little high)
    Press: 106 3x5

    September 1, 2023:

    Press: 113 3x5 123 1x3 133 1x2 143 1x3
    Deadlift: 295 1x5 316 1x1

    I tested my press again today, with the third rep of 143 being a little slow but steady. The 295 deadlift was a grind, and my grip started slipping again on the fifth rep. The 316 single 15 minutes afterward was easy.

    September 4, 2023:

    Front squat: 187 1x1 (high)
    Press: 115 3x5 135 1x2 150 1x1 160 1x1

    I decided to test my front squat today. I was not able to hit parallel, and my back pitched too far forward. I think my quads are not quite strong enough for me to feel comfortable using correct form with this weight. On the press I was happy to "officially" get 160, which was the most I had pressed since 2012.

    September 6, 2023:

    Press: 117 3x5
    Bent row: 117 3x5

    The rows are starting to feel heavy. I'm not sure they'll be able to keep up with my press.

    September 9, 2023:

    Squat: 233 3x5
    Press: 120 3x5
    Deadlift: 298 1x5

    My grip felt better on the deadlift today, even though I'm still using DOH without chalk.

    September 20, 2023:

    Squat: 228 3x5
    Press: 122 3x5
    Bent row: 122 2x8

    I was unable to work out the previous week, so I reduced the weight on my squat work sets. I also decided to add reps to the rows.

    September 23, 2023:

    Squat: 233 3x5, 248 1x2 (both high)
    Press: 128 3x5
    Deadlift: 303 1x5 (DOH without chalk)
    Bent row: 128 3x5

    I'm still struggling with my squat depth. Grip on deadlifts was good today.

    September 27, 2023:

    Squat: 245 1x2 1x4 235 1x5
    Press: 130 3x5
    Bent row: 130 2x8

    I added wrong and inadvertently loaded a five on each side for my first two sets of squats. After I racked the second set I realized my mistake and adjusted the weight. Presses were pretty easy, but rows were extremely difficult.

    October 3, 2023:

    Squat: 236 2x5

    I intended to do three sets, but my PVCs were so frequent between sets that I decided to quit after two.

    October 7, 2023:

    Squat: 235 3x5 (a few high reps)
    Press: 125 3x5
    Deadlift: 310 1x5 (DOH without chalk)

    I decided to drop the squat weight slightly to try to hit the correct depth. I still noticed a few reps were a bit high. On the deadlift I got all five reps, but my right hand's grip started giving out at the top of the last one.

    October 11, 2023

    Squat: 238 3x5 (a few high reps)

    Still struggling with depth.

    October 14, 2023:

    Squat: 240 1x1, 248 1x1, 260 1x1 (a little high), 270 1x1 (a little high), 240 3x5 (a few high reps)

    I wanted to get the 270 legitimately, as that would've been an all-time PR for me. Unfortunately, the depth was not quite there.

    October 28, 2023:

    Squat: 243 3x5 (a few reps high)
    Press: 130 1x5 150 1x2 130 2x5
    Deadlift: 315 1x5 (DOH without chalk)
    Bent row: 130 3x8

    I tried a heavier set of presses in the middle of my work sets. I struggled more with it than the 160 on September 4th. Right hand grip nearly failed again on the last rep of the deadlift.

    October 31, 2023:

    Squat: 245 3x5 (too many high reps)
    Press: 134 3x5

    I don't want to sound like a broken record on the squat, so I'll just say that the press was relatively easy today.

    November 4, 2023:

    Squat: 247 3x5 (too many high reps)
    Press: 136 3x5, 156 1x2

    Same comments as on Halloween, except I added a heavy set afterward.

    November 8, 2023:

    Squat: bar 1x5, 136 1x4, 187 1x3, 228 1x2, 248 3x5 (nearly all reps were high)
    Press: bar 1x10, 92 1x5, 122 1x3, 140 3x5

    I decided to start listing my warmup sets this time; I was always doing them but not writing them down. On the squats it feels like I"m going all the way down, but when I watch the video I"m still barely above parallel. On the presses, the first three reps of each set are easy, with excellent bar speed, and the last two reps of each set were noticeably slower.

    November 11, 2023

    Squat: bar 1x5, 136 1x4, 187 1x3, 230 1x2 (high), 250 3x5 (all high), 270 1x1 (high)
    Front squat: 136 1x3, 167 1x1, 189 1x1
    Press: bar 1x8, 92 1x5, 141 3x5, 161 1x3
    Bent row: 136 3x8
    Deadlift: 136 1x5, 208 1x5, 278 1x3 (DOH), 320 1x4, 1x5 (both work sets with straps)

    My only comment on the squats is that on the work sets (with 250) the last two reps were a grind, even though I wasn't quite parallel. On the presses the bar speed on my work sets (with 141) was slow on the last two reps, but with 161 the reps seemed easier, and I could've gotten a 4th rep. The rows are tough for me - I've practically never done curls in my life, so my biceps are relatively weak. I bought some straps for the deadlifts, but I had trouble putting them on. They started slipping (left hand only) on the fourth rep, so I put the bar down, rested, and then tried again successfully with 5 reps. I think they'll take some time for me to get used to.

    November 14, 2023

    Press bar 1x10, 92 1x5, 128 1x3, 142 3x5
    Bent row 142 3x8

    The presses were easier today than they were the previous workout. I think I jumped up too much in weight on the rows, because the last three reps of each set were a grind.

    November 16, 2023

    Squat: bar 1x5, 136 1x4, 188 1x3, 230 1x2, 251 3x5 (all high)
    Press: bar 1x10, 92 1x5, 123 1x3, 144 3x5

    The presses were easier than they have been in the prevous several workouts.

    November 18, 2023

    Squat: bar 1x5, 136 1x4, 187 1x3, 230 1x2, 251 1x4 (failed on 5th rep), 235 2x5
    Press: 145 3x5, 175 1x1
    Bent row: 141 3x8
    Deadlift 141 1x8, 228 1x4, 290 1x2 (DOH), 325 1x5

    Even though my squats were still slightly high, I failed on the 5th rep of the first set and had to set the bar on the safeties. I backed down to 235 and was able to hit depth on most reps, although they were still difficult. The press with 145 was surprisingly easy, so I decided to try a single with 175. Bar speed was a little slow through the sticking point, but I definitely could've done 180 today and possibly 185. Rows were a grind, as usual. Deadlift was easier than last week because I sat down in a chair as I put the straps on and gripped the bar, and then kicked it out of the way as I began my work sets. Since I only have around 360 pounds of weights I can't try for a deadlift max yet (I need to get another pair of 45s so I can keep progressing).

    November 22, 2023

    Squat: bar 1x5, 136 1x4, 187 1x3, 228 1x2, 235 3x5 (nearly all reps parallel or below)

    The weight was actually 235 and a half (I was using my micro-weights). I decided to try to go up in half-pound increments for the time being in favor of better form.

    November 25, 2023

    Squat: bar 1x5, 136 1x4, 187 1x3, 228 1x2, 236 3x5 (most reps parallel or below)
    Front squat: 160 1x3
    Press: bar 1x8, 92 1x5, 128 1x3, 146 1x3, 3x5
    Bent row: 141 3x8
    Deadlift: 136 1x8, 228 1x5, 278 1x3, 309 1x2 (DOH), 330 1x5 (straps)

    On the squats my first three reps were typically below parallel, and the fourth and fifth were occasionally parallel or slightly above. On the presses, even though it was only one pound heavier than a week ago it felt 10 pounds heavier. As a result, I only got three reps on the first set (I thought I had loaded the bar incorrectly). After seeing that the correct weight was on the bar, I decided to rest longer and try again. The remaining sets were slow, but I was able to complete all the reps. My right shoulder was popping on some reps, and my left shoulder was a bit sore afterward. On the deadlift work sets I was pausing too long at the top and doing a "touch and go" at the bottom, instead of letting all the tension out at the bottom and resetting. I may need to repeat the 330 next week but reset at the bottom each rep.

    November 29, 2023

    Squat: bar 1x5, 136 1x4, 187 1x3, 218 1x2, 230 1x5, 235 2x5
    Press: bar 1x8, 92 1x5, 122 1x4, 136 1x2, 147 1x4 (fail)

    Both the squats and presses felt unusually heavy today. I had planned on doing 237 for my squat work sets, but the 187 warmup felt so heavy that I decided to do my first work set with 230. That went OK, so I did three more sets with 235. On the presses the 4th rep of the first work set was a grind, so I didn't even try the fifth rep. My left shoulder was also hurting quite a bit right after the set, so I decided to cut my losses and let it rest.

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    Welcome back! I'm pretty new and just getting started at 56. I've enjoyed reading your recent progress.

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    Thanks w! I also feel pretty new at the moment since I've been away so long.

    I think the biggest challenge at our age is to stay healthy enough to keep it going, and I'm certainly impressed by the guys over 70 who have been able to do that.

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    starting strength coach development program
    December 2, 2023

    Squat: bar 1x5, 136 1x4, 187 1x3, 228 1x1, 255 1x1 (good depth), 265 1x1 (got to parallel only), 237 3x5

    I was disappointed that I didn't get below parallel on the 265, but the 255 was an inch or so below. The 3x5 work sets weren't too difficult, and I got to parallel or below on all the reps.

    December 9, 2023

    Squat: bar 1x5, 136 1x4, 187 1x3, 218 1x2, 238 3x5, 260 1x1 (barely above parallel)
    Press: bar 1x8, 92 1x5, 123 1x3, 136 1x2, 148 3x5

    The work sets of squats weren't too difficult, but I didn't hit depth on the 260. The first two sets of presses were easy, but reps 3-5 of the third set were difficult. My press is definitely weaker than it was back on November 18th, but I have lost a couple of pounds of bodyweight since then, and my shoulders have been quite sore lately. I started having lots of PVCs, so I cut my workout short (skipped deadlifts).

    December 13, 2023

    Squat: bar 1x5, 136 1x4, 187 1x3, 218 1x2, 239 3x5

    The first work set was quite a bit more difficult (rep 5 was very slow) than the second and third work sets, where even the 5th reps had good bar speed. My bodyweight was down two more pounds since the previous workout,

    December 16, 2023

    Squat: bar 1x5, 136 1x4, 187 1x3, 228 1x2, 240 3x5
    Press: bar 1x5, 92 1x4, 123 1x3, 136 1x2, 149 3x5

    The warmups on the squats felt heavy, and the fifth reps of the first and third sets were very slow. Bodyweight was down nearly a pound from my previous workout (down around 5 pounds from a month ago) Presses were easier than last time I did them, most likely because I gave my shoulders a bit of a rest, and I had only mild pain in them today. I didn't have time to do deadlifts today.

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