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    Default ss log to 270 bench

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    Hey all, starting back lifting tomorrow nd know a log will help keep me focused.

    Age: 29
    Bodyweight: 195 aprox
    Height: 5' 6/7"

    As the title says, my first goal on this log is a 270 bench.
    I will be doing the ss novice routine with deadlifts every session to start with.

    I had been doing some ss last year before a shoulder flare up and wedding preperations.
    Now im married and the shoulder has settled im good to go for 2013!

    Previous 5rm
    Squat: 187
    Bench: 203.5
    Press: 148.5
    Deadlift: 264 ** Not relevant, lifted from 2 plate step.
    Pclean: n/a Yet to try this.

    Sorry if the numbers are bit odd, im in kgs but convert for the site and round off.

    Brief history;
    Came to the real benefit of squats about christmas 2011.
    Previous to that had always been wary due to past knee injuries.
    I have done the odd weights cycle for a couple of months here and there with the usual 3 sets of 10 and an aim among my friends and i was always 220 x 1 for bench.
    Unfortunatley had an accidend mid jan 2012 and suffered a communal acetabular fracture, a few cracks inside my hip socket. Out of work for 6 months. Back lifting before work but my form was limited, movement was limited. Squats definatley improved my mobility nd investing in ssbbt3 improved me greatly again. Im now confident i can squat ok. Further improvement will be made and a double bw squat is a future aim.
    Also investing in oly shoes helped with hitting depth.

    Other injuries have been: broken left hand in the same accident, torn tendon in left shoulder (minor in late teens but is where shoulder flares when bench gets heavy) broken thumb left hand, finger dislocation left hand, minor back bother, lateral release nd cartilage clean left knee, partial knee cap dislocation left knee (burst synovial sack) minor cartilage damage right knee not cleaned out, multiple ankle ligament tears, permanent metatarsal fracture left foot from friebergs disease.

    So thats me! Bit of a crock but im interested and will get stronger!
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    Small addition that may be relevant.
    Previous sport experience mainly soccer and golf but neither being played now and I havent in years.

    Thanks,, Mick.
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    I look forward to watching your progress to a 270lb bench! At 5'7" and 195lbs, you are pretty thick right off. I don't see a problem with your short term goal.

    As you said, keeping a log will keep you focused. Congrats to both of you on the marriage!

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    Thanks Oldster!

    Eh yeah id think im maybe a bit 'thick' at the moment! I could and should be stronger for my bw i feel. Dont mind one bit though.


    Squat 132 x 5/5/5
    Bench 176 x 5/5/5
    Deadlift 132 x 5

    Happy to be back at it. Session was tough but didnt feel heavy.
    I knew there was weight on the bench for sure!

    Nice patient build. Bring on the next session!
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    Squat 137.5 x 5/5/5
    Press 110 x 5/5/5
    Deadlift 143 x 5

    All felt ok. Nice to be back pressing.
    Shoulder feels ok.


    Squat 143 x 5/5/5
    Bench 181.5 x 5/5/5
    Deadlift 154 x 5

    All complete and happy with form etc but it was a tough session.
    I just couldnt get tight. Shoulder was at me a little for the last couple of reps on bench too.
    Cant wait to bench again on the 19th and see how the shoulder is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mexmick View Post
    Sorry if the numbers are bit odd, im in kgs but convert for the site and round off.
    Hey Mexmick, I thought about doing the conversion for my log too but I stuck with good ol' kgs in the end as that's what the plates I'm putting on the bar say.

    Good luck with getting to 270

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    Thanks rufus. Think ill keep it in pounds because rip and andy prefer it that way.
    Should make it easier when il need advice and i refer to the log.
    I'll be needing advice on powerclean for sure but thats a bit down the line for me yet.
    Be great if you get to go an olympic lifting coach for help with yours.


    Squat 148.5 x 5/5/5
    Press 115.5 x 5/5/5
    Deadlift 165 x 5

    All ok. Got alot tighter in this session.
    Deadlift off the floor is going well.

    Hip pain when i hit the hole in the squat for a couple of reps.
    Nothing bad realy. Feels like a bone thud!
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    Squat 154 x 5/5/5
    Bench 187 x 5/5/5
    Deadlift 176 x 5

    All good. Bench was nice and tough.


    Squat 159.5 x 5/5/5
    Press 121 x 5/5/5
    Deadlift 187 x 5

    Good session. The squats are getting a little tougher. Feeling the benefit for it.
    Press good. Im happy the shoulder is healing nicely. Next bench day will be a great test.
    Very happy with the deadlifts. Loving being able to lift from the ground.

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    Squat 165 x 5/5/5
    Bench 187 x 5
    192.5 x 5/5
    Deadlift 198 x 5

    Sick since yesterday. I wasnt going to miss a session so early in my log.
    Squats felt terrible. It was so hard holding my breath with chest infection. Got them done though.
    Bench was better actually. Alot easier with the breathing lying down. Forgot to increase the weight on the first work set though. Happy to complete all reps.
    Deadlifts getting tougher. Another week of deads every session should be possible, maybe 2?

    Off to get better now, first start hot whiskey!!

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    starting strength coach development program

    Squat 170.5 x 5/5/5
    Press 126.5 x 5/5/5
    Deadlift 209 x 5

    Still feeling sick and holding my breath isnt comfortable at all. Getting better though and got the session done.
    All felt heavyish.


    Squat 176 x 5/5/5
    Bench 198 x 5/5/5
    Deadlift 220 x 5

    Health is coming back nicely but I can still feel my chest when i hold my breath.
    Squats all done but were very tough. Had some hip pain during and now the session is done its quite sore.
    Bench was good and felt heavy. Next session is tying my 5rm before the shoulder injury before christmas.
    Deadlift was heavy!! I know countless people here deadlift twice this amount with ease but this was proper heavy for me today.
    Im still going to try another week with deadlifts every session.

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