Started lifting about 2 years ago. I'll never forget the day I failed 85 pound squats, 55 pound press, 75 pound bench. As a 20 year old male. Jesus fucking christ.

Anyways, I did hardcore SS for a while, gaining almost 40 pounds in 2-3 months. Due to injuries, life, etc.., I can't say i've been that strict with lifting since then. But, I've kept at it.

Current Stats:
160 lbs

Squat: 255 3x5
Deadlift: 235 2x5 (I hardly ever deadlift...)
Bench: 175 3x5
Press: 135 3x5
Rows: 140 3x5

For a 160 pound dude casually lifting, i'm pretty damn happy with my progress. I'm going to have some more free time, so hopefully these numbers will go up a bit more in the coming months.

-BW Press.
-225 Bench. My bench has been shit for a long time.
-315 Deadlift. This will require me to actually deadlift.
-Learn some oly lifts.
-Start looking like I actually lift. I do not look nearly as strong as I am. This'll probably be a diet thing.