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    Hey all,

    Male, 34, roughly 202 lbs bodyweight, fair bits of fat, stress and profanity, which my gym population stoically puts up with. And i suffer from a chronic plate math problem. Being a diabetic(which i am) is a bitch when you're looking to put on size. been on the program for about three months now.

    A particularly satisfying aspect of this journey is that i was always the fat kid, the one who couldnt take off his shirt, and was always considered slow and not good at sports.

    Current total across the four big lifts is 955 LBS. I am fairly certain that i it is upto 20 lbs more than that, but since i am not completely sure will let that total stand at 955.

    Max lifts listed below- also happened to be my last workout:

    Squat: 324 x 1 x5( this was the last time, where i think i put on 20 lbs more than the 324 that i was meant to do, but i am not sure)

    Deads: 352 x 5 x 1 ( Five rep max of 330)

    Bench: 148.5 x5 x 5

    Press: 110 x 5 x 5

    Power cleans: 121 x 5 x5

    I am dropping power cleans, to focus on gettting multiple sets of chins and LTEs/ or push ups incorporated into my program.

    I am planning to claw my way into the top 50 lifters on the board. Barb-arian is the swine standing in my way. upward and onward from here on- wish me luck.



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    Started the day deciding to drop squats for the session, since I missed my last set of five on the last time. I am so used to starting off a workout with squats that I was at at 140 kgs before I realized I wasn't supposed to do them. Oh, well.

    Squats: 324 lbs x 3 x 5

    Bench: 4 sets- 5,2,4,5 reps.

    Chins: 5 x 5

    Last couple of reps on the squat might have been high. I was completely gassed at the end of squatting. As for the bench, fuck it. I am quite indifferent about benching these days.

    would any body more experienced than I am be able to tell me how much difference weightlifting shoes has made for you? How much has it bumped your squat by?

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    Default What in the fuck?

    Great day at the gym. Got two PRs despite poor nutrition, and just three hours of sleep.

    Squats- 330 x 3 x 5

    Bench- 132 x 5 x 5

    Deadlift- 379.5 for a single.

    Multiple personal bests on the dead lift today. Just kept doing singles with heavier weights before deciding 379.5 was today's quitting point.

    The good vibes were soured when a bro type character complained to the gym owner that the chalk on the bar was dirtying his t-shirt. Prick spoiled my day.

    Have a good weekend, all. My best wishes to you and your loved ones.

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    Bad day at the gym. Missed all of my squat sets, skipped the bloody presses, and did chin ups. Gym employee didn't help my mood any by coming to check the bar for chalk, so that other patrons wouldn't complain about it. This was in response to a bro type character who complained that chalk on the bar during my last workout was staining his t-shirt.

    Shoes partly to blame for today's bad day. I wear adidas runners/ tennis shoes with the most solid heel i could find. i read somewhere that they're good for about 200 kgs on them. it would appear the additional fifty kilograms(the weight of the bar, and my BW) is showing. quite unstable. Heel kept compressing, with me having to lean forward to compensate for it. Mess of a squat set.

    Squats(152.5 kilos) 4,4,3.

    Presses- skipped

    Chin ups- 5x5 BW.

    I think it is time to move onto Advanced novice with either a light squat day in the middle, and keep going at 152.5 Kilograms till i nail a full 5 x 3.

    Have eaten a horse sized meal of oats this morning. got three eggs for a preworkout meal( about two hours ahead of the workout for me), and a biggish chicken/ indian bread lunch.

    Hopefully, i will nail this bastard today.

    Best wishes to all of you, and yours. have a great one.

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    Default Joined the 1000 lbs club

    Roller coaster of a week. After my last update, everything went a lil nuts. Tendonitis, extreme joint pain, elevated pulse and temperature. Caved in, took anti inflammatory meds with an extra rest day, dialled in my protein intake-amped the shakes with four tablespoons of coffee, and went to the gym, steely eyed and bushy tailed. Nailed it, folks. Total of 1006 lbs at BW of 202!


    squat: PR 155 kgs x 3 x5

    bench: 70 kgs x 2 x 5( picked up an injury)

    Deadlift: multiple singles at 160, 170, PR at 180 kgs.

    does anyone know how to treat an injury like this one? Got on the bench, git myself into position, caught a hold of the bar and pushed upward to unrack it, I heard a pop, and something let go in my left shoulder. Fuck, the pain was a bitch- about 8 on a scale of 10.

    Strangely the shoulder hurts only when the arms are in a pushing, bench press kind of position.when the elbows are in a squat posi tion, no pain at all. Deadlifted 396 lbs ten minutes later, and nary a complaint from the bastard thing. Driving with my left arm was unbelievably painful after I left yhe gym. I feel a clicking, tendon/ligament kind of scraping agaist the AC joint. icing makes no difference.


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