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    After a couple of months of following another LP that shall not be named, I've made the switch on all my lifts to 3x5, wisened up and bought SSBBT and added in Power Cleans to my regimen (I keep in a set or two of barbell rows for now, though that may change as my clean increases). To post where I am now:

    Bodyweight: ~210
    BF%: High teens, probably 18% or so

    Squat: 280 (going for 285 tonight)
    Bench: 210 (have repped 215 for 2 sets but a bad spotter squashed the last set)
    Press: 130 (going for 135 tonight)
    Deadlift: 325 (shooting for 335 tonight)
    Row: 145 (this had to come down from 165 to support my power cleans)
    Power Clean: 125 (weak, but I'm getting used to form and looking into some training as I increase weight.

    I know I'm still very much weak for my size, but I'll slowly get there as LP will allow. I currently don't have any method to capture good video but once I get a solid camera I'll work to film some of my sets for review (I know there are nagging issues I need to work on, but there are probably things I don't realize too). In any case, this is also my first post of what will hopefully be a long stint here as I challenge myself to get stronger and (somewhat) leaner.

    Here are some links to various resources I've been using to track (I've been training since March, but had a 1 month and 3 week gap somewhere in there if memory serves):

    Spreadsheet of lifts:

    IronStrong.org (Old log)

    Weightxreps Log

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    Please give us your age and height. Looks strong to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carson View Post
    Please give us your age and height. Looks strong to me.
    I'm 23 and 6'2" or thereabouts.

    For last night's workout:

    Squat: Made 285 for 3x5, but my knees are starting to come in a little on the way up. I can still force them out, it makes the reps much more difficult. It seemed to help when I pushed my feet out to a bit more aggressive angle than I had been using previously, but it's something I'll need to focus on.

    OHP: Overhead press is the most unpredictable lift I have ever performed. 2 workouts ago, 130 went up easy for 3x5, last workout I made 5,5,4 for my reps. Today the weight was just not going up. I made 2,2,1 and finished up with 10 singles push pressing with 10 seconds of rest between reps

    Deadlift: All things considered 335 went up without a hitch. Had to grind out the last rep a little slower than I would like, but I feel like I've definitely got about 30-40 more pounds in me for 5 reps, I'll get there in time.

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    Last night I trained at a gym away from home and got

    Squat: 295x3x5 (5 more lb than I needed, tehey didn't have 2.5lb plates, but it went up easy)
    Bench: 215x3x5 but i had an overzealous spot again, wish I could get a lift-off without having to be a dick to get someone to come off the bar
    Power Clean: 135x4x3: quit after 2 sets having 1 or more rep fall into my arms because of the gyms "no dropped weights" policy. Fuck that, you have an oly platform and bumpers, don't come bitch at me for making a little noise on it.

    In all, not a terrible workout for a gym away from home, but not the best workout ever either.


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