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    • wichita falls texas march seminar date
    • woodmere new york april seminar date
    Male, 34 5í10 210lbs.

    Have been lifting some(but not heavy) and exercising 4-6 days consistently for the last three years but with no overall goal or structure in mind. Iíd like to hit 200/300/400/500 for 1RMís this year and take a few inches off my 40Ē waist in the process. Enjoyed reading through everyoneís progress on these boards.

    Today is the 8th week of my first LP. My last training sessions are up to:
    110 x 5 press
    185 x 5 bench
    250 x 5 squat
    250 x 5 deadlift
    And taking 5 lb jumps on each lift. Have not had any difficult training sessions yet, but I know they are coming so Iím focusing on my form as much as possible at this point.

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    Way to go and welcome! Keep up the good work!

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    I wonder why you are lifting the same weight on Deads as on Squat. Usually the Deads are 1/3 heavier than the Squats.
    A quick check up with a Starting Strength coach you might post some videos.

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    Hey thanks, glad to have found these boards.

    Carson I started the program at 135 on both deadlift and squat, and have just increased them steadily for the 7 weeks. Iíve never deadlifted with a barbell (only a trap bar, and about 20 years ago) so I wanted to start with the lightest weight possible to get comfortable. I figured even that slowly Iíd be hitting PRís within a few months.

    I will get my basement rigged to take a video. Iím sure I could use the help.

    Tonightís workout was:

    Squat 255 x 5 x 3 sets
    Press 115 x 5 x 3 sets
    Deadlift 255 x 5 x 1 set


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