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Thread: TYMR Geezer hopes to be worthy of your guidance

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    • starting strength seminar april 2021
    • starting strength seminar june 2021
    • starting strength seminar august 2021
    The rest of October 2017 proved to be a similar waste of space in the training log.

    10/26/2017 Thursday
    Press 57x5x3
    Squat 0x5x2 45x5 115x3 189x2 155x3

    Ok, this bothered me a lot. at a bw of 260, lifting for 19 month, albeit from a pretty crappy starting point. I've benched more than this damn it. And recently squated 232.5x5x3.

    Clearly someone is NDTP.
    Changes are in order.

    10/28/2017 Saturday
    Bench 45x5x3

    Monday 10/30/2017
    Press 59x5x3
    Deadlift 135x5 185x3 251x2 got off the ground on 3rd 225x5

    Wednesday 11/1
    bench 46x5x3

    Saturday 11/4
    press 22x5 60x5x3

    Sunday 11/5
    Squat 0x5x2 45x5 115x5x3

    Tuesday 11/7
    Bench 47x5x3

    Thursday 11/9/2017
    press 22x5 61x5x3 (still doing arc up for rotator cuff)
    Squat 0x5x2 45x5 115x1 190x5x3
    Deadlift 135x5 185x1 251x5

    *** first time I have advanced on three lifts in a day for a long time.
    Coincidence that this is the first week in a long time that is almost recognizable as "the program".
    Going back to the two day a week model. Splitting the workout though between arms in the morning and Deads/Squats in the evening.
    (time is a problem for me)

    Very inspired by

    And pissed at myself.

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    11/13/2017 Mon wt/reps/sets
    Bench 48x5x3
    Lat Pull 105x5x3
    Squat 191x5x3

    Thu 11/16
    Press 62x5x3 +1 (incr)
    Squat 192x5x3 +1
    Dead 252x3 oops maybe grip (doh)

    Mon 11/20
    Press 65x5x3
    Squat 194x5x3
    Dead 252x5

    Thu 12/5 bw: 262
    Bench 65x5x3
    Squat 195x5x3
    Dead 253x5

    Sun 12/10
    Lat Pull 125x5 palm out
    press 70x5x3
    squat 197x5x3

    Sat 12/16
    bench 70x5x3
    squat 199x5x3
    dead 254x5

    thu 12/21
    lat pull 130x5x3
    press 75x5x3
    squat 201x5x3

    thu 12/28
    bench 75x5x3
    squat 203x5x3
    dead 256x3 oops

    Mon 1/1/2018
    lat pull 135x5x3
    press 76x3 75x5,5
    squat 205x5x3

    New goals
    M/63/6'2"/263 CURRENTLY
    Squat 270x5x3 205
    Deadlift 315x5 252
    Bench 170x5x3 75 (injury)
    Press 120x5x3 75 (injury)

    I posted these as my annual goals, but they should be more like by my birthday in May.

    bench 80x5x3
    squat 207x5x3
    dead 258x5

    tue 1/9/2018
    squat 209x5x3
    bench 85x5x3
    dead 250x3 oops

    tue 1/16
    squat 213x5x3
    press 79x5x3
    lat pull 145x5x4

    sat 1/20
    squat 215x0 185x0 135x5x3 back muscle pull/spasm/snowflake
    bench 90x5x3 bench finally feels good
    dead 260x0 225x5 some doms the next day, back felt bad, but better after lift

    tue 1/23 bw 263
    squat 215x5x3 felt good
    press 85x5x3 +6 felt great going back to 5 incrs
    Lat pull 150x5x3
    HIIT kettle bell swings 38lb x 10 reps x 4 sets kbs 38x10x4

    reviewing food consumption. if my new calcs are correct I'm getting 450 to 850 grams of protein per day, I thought I was going short. I wasn't sure those types of numbers were possible. Previous calcs had me between 150g and 190g a day, so I was pushing.

    I feel good and my weight is stablish. My press and bench are finally making good progress coming off my rotator cuff tear.

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    Mr. Cheesepuff, Good to find your posts again. Perhaps I missed it but how often have you trained with the Chicago group of coaches? You seem to have problems that could easily be corrected by one of them. If you haven't trained with them yet, go do it for your sake. Who needs these niggling injuries and this rather slow progress. You are still a young man. Don't waste it.

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    Thanks! Excellent point Carson. What's the point of having 5 pairs of 45's if you never load 3?

    The rotator cuff injury prevention would be a big ask of a SS coach. Even Rip can't cure stupid.

    However, as I judge performance versus potential (keeping in mind the "stupid" assessment above), I'd say I am massively underachieving.

    My brother has taken his son to Karl Schute (-sp?), who has a great reputation and reasonable proximity for an occasional session. Perhaps my biggest obstacle has been my work schedule, which should get better in a few weeks. But August through January is typically "a problem".

    Stress and sleep have been my key issues. Which are hard to coach. But, I do need some coaching.

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    1/27/2018 sat
    SQ 215x0,0 185x0 135x5x3 aka failed 2x at 215 once at 135, 3 sets of 5 at 135
    bench 95x5x3
    dead 260x2 dbl overhand 260 reverse fail 225x3

    hurt my back on a household project. took too long off then...

    saturday (aka 7 days off)
    SQ 45x5 bad depth, knee and back pain
    PRESS 90x5x3
    DEAD 135x5

    feel better after workout... should have done this monday

    Monday 2/5
    SQ 135x5x3
    BENCH 100x5x3
    DEAD 225x5

    MONDAY 2/12 (another 7 day gap) hurt my back snow shoveling / blowing 9 days in a row
    SQ 45x5x3
    PRESS 90x5x3
    DEAD 225x5

    SQ 135x5x3
    BENCH 105x5x3
    DEAD 260x5 double overhand grip

    MONDAY 2/19/2018
    SQ 185x5x3
    PRESS 95x4,3,5

    THURSDAY 2/22/2018
    SQ 195x5x3
    BENCH 110x5x3
    DEAD 265x5 *** PR*** except for 40 years ago

    SQ 200x5x3
    PRESS 95x5x3
    LAT PULL 155x5x3

    SQ 205x5x3
    BENCH 115x5x3
    PRESS 97x2 95x3,4
    DEAD 270x0,0 245x5

    MONDAY 3/5/2018
    SQ 210x5x3
    BENCH 120x5x3
    LAT PULL 160x5x3

    COMMENTS: Feels like my squat suffers the most from any tweak, and I've had plenty. So the most important lift in the book is the most likely to be broken for me.
    the 3 sets of 5 at 232.5, feels long ago.

    Dead lift has been by far my best and most reliable lift.
    Seems my grip lets me down, Considering wrist straps, since the Dead is really carrying the rest of my program, and my health. Anything to make it more reliable would be great.

    Bench feels better than any time after the rotator cuff tear.
    Press feels iffy / inconsistent.

    But at least I've been able to rehab injuries. Since I have a home gym... I should just run there at the first sign of injury and squat the empty bar to assess.

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    THURSDAY 3/8/2018
    SQUAT 215x5x3
    PRESS 96x5x3
    DEAD 265x0,0 245x0 225x0 ????
    bought strong enough wrist straps from Iron Mind

    MONDAY 3/12/2018
    SQUAT 220x5x3
    BENCH 125x5x3
    LAT PULL 165x5x3

    COMMENTS: all things considered, my squat is still very weak, but the best barometer of my "progress".
    My deadlift has been in the vanguard, dragging the other lifts kicking and screaming forward. I could probably solve this with the hook grip but my underhand right version is much stronger than underhand left. Not sure I "see symetry and progress". The thumb under fingers deal bothers me a lot. Used it a couple times, probably not correctly.

    Feels like the lat pulls are helping my bench and press.

    dead: wiff on Thursday probably caused by not enough sleep. Wrist straps came in.
    squats: feeling good, and have been consistent along with my bench.
    press: is a struggle

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    SATURDAY 3/17/18
    SQUAT 225x5x3
    press 97x5x3
    dead 265x0,0 245x0,0 225x1 with wrist straps

    wrist straps seem to slow everything down too much.

    tuesday 3/20/18
    squat 230x5x3
    bench 130x5x3
    dead 265x0 245x0 reverse grip

    saturday 3/24/18
    squat 232x0 back spasm bailed

    sunday 3/25/18
    squat 135x5x3
    press 80x5x3
    dead 225x2

    thursday 3/27/18
    squat 175x5x3
    bench 135x5x3
    dead 225x2

    saturday 3/31
    squat 135x5x3
    press 72x5x3

    squat 185x0
    press 72x5x3

    saturday 4/7/18
    squat 185x5x3
    bench 137x5x3
    dead 225x2

    tuesday 4/10
    squat 195x5x3
    press 92x5x3
    latpull 165x5x3

    Saturday 4/14/18
    squat 205x5,5,4 back spasm 3rd set small on rep 1 major on rep 4

    difficulty walking, especially turning, left the plates on the bar for an hour or two until my back calmed down.

    rode the airdyne for 10 minutes.
    walked for 10 to 15, very slowly. turning was a real issue.
    Took a whirlpool.
    was able to take the plates off the bar

    videos don't show much.
    been having trouble with depth, and tweaking my back.
    was focusing on low back position and hip drive, and keeping my head neutral.
    Recently switched to a 4" belt, replacing my old very large velco setup.
    Will research belt position.
    Giving serious consideration to box squats.
    first two sets felt great.

    Probably doesn't help that I have a great deal of stress right now.

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    Tue 4/17/2018
    SQ 0x5x2 (box squats) 45x5x3 (box)
    bench 135x5x3
    dead 135x5

    Back still unhappy, but the "workout" helped.

    Sunday 4/22/2018
    SQ 0x50x2 box 45x5x2 box 115x5x3 box
    press 72x5x3
    dead 135x5

    felt like progress
    back still twitchy

    Thursday 4/26/2018
    SQ 0x5x2 box 45x5 135x5x3 (Only the air squats used box)
    bench 137x5x3

    Sunday 4/29/2018
    sq 0x5x2 box 45x5 135x5x3 felt almost normal... gonna start loading
    press 77x5x3
    Dead 165x5

    Thursday 5/3/2018
    sq 0x5x2 box 45x5 135x3 165x5x3 felt better, close to spasm, but better
    bench 139x5x3
    dead 185x5 good will go up next

    schedule conflict with next workout... see what I can do
    Figure another +20 per session on sq till 205 then 5's for a while, similar with the dead, +20 until 225

    Contacted SSC Karl Schudt. I need some help here. LOL. But my schedule for the next three weeks just sucks. If I was a horse they'd take me out back and shoot me.

    I'll work through this one way or another. being stubborn cuts both ways, hopefully I start cutting in the right direction soon.

    But, all that being said, I am remarkably better off now than I was two years ago, when I couldn't squat air, and used two canes. LOL.
    My problem was I was embarrassed to be seen in my pathetic state by an SSC. Ironic because that is right in their wheelhouse.
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    5/15/2018 Tue
    SQ 175x5x3 +10
    Press 79x5x3 +2
    Dead 205x5 +20

    12 day layoff due to travel, my travel has the profile of helping someone move.
    I moved enough weight both ways to have brought my rack, bars and weights.
    Sadly, those stayed home. LOL.

    Back feels much better, ramping up cautiously.

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    starting strength coach development program
    5/19/2018 turned 64 btw
    Squat 195x5x3
    Bench 141x5x3
    Lat pull 170x1 160x5x3
    Every lift felt heavy.

    Went to Northern Wisconsin, kayaking with eagles, might have been whiskey involved, Best steaks on the planet. (sadly, I can't make those)

    5/30/2018.... yes an 11 day gap

    But my General Leathercraft belt arrived.
    Thanks everyone who recommended.
    Worth every nickle.
    Feel like a fool for waiting.

    D3 5,000 iu with eggs and butter
    Thanks Meshuggah, for the Rhino Rant video.
    This feels huge.

    Thanks again Meshuggah.
    Every lift flew up today.
    Sort of a shotgun approach.

    5/30/2018.... yes an 11 day gap

    SQUAT 200x5x3
    PRESS 81x5x3
    DEAD 210x5

    Every lift felt real heavy last time. Not so much today.

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