I'm a grad student that hasn't touched a barbell since HS baseball. Back then it was all about explosiveness, now I'm ready to test my body's ability to get as strong as it can get. I bought the book, a truckload of rice, chicken, eggs and milk, and a year-long membership to a local strongman gym. Tired of being weak, tired of having aches and pains when I'm only 21, and tired of only being known as an egghead.

I'm ready to be strong.

I'll follow a Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday schedule, because it works for me.

Started last Tuesday - I followed the SS method of finding weight to start at, and here's what I came up with:

Squat 135
Bench 115
Press 65
DL 185

BW 194 (Height 5'11)


Squat 170
Bench 125 (Sunday)
Press 70
DL 220

BW 197

My semester (4 month) goals are 135-225-315-405 & BW 220

Are these reasonable expectations? Or will it take above average results?

Thanks for the input, and I'm excited to be a part of this community.