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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheesepuff View Post
    What kind of pain level does this generate? I'm assuming the point of the star protocol is to aggravate the hell out of the injury, which promotes healing.
    Do you modulate the pain level with volume? How do you not just dread this workout? I've never had to use this, but I've done plenty
    of other rehabs. I guess I find this particular one terrifying, even though it makes sense. Maybe I'm thinking about it wrong. Good luck!
    When you get the area warmed up and lots of
    Blood flow with what feels like as much load as it can handle, it feels like a deep pinch. But it doeant feel like its gonna tear loose, just really uncomfortable. You sweat more than normal and breath like you are doing windsprints.
    But at my age, the biggest challenge is my knees. They hurt when I start, take half the workout to warm ip and stop hurting and then half an jour after, they hurt again. Too much volume.
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    starting strength coach development program
    Thanks, that makes a lot of sense.

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