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    Hello forum, I'm posting this to make myself accountable to someone other than the voices in my head and all the people completely uninterested in this strength journey of mine(i.e everyone I know). I've been barely holding on to a 48-72 hour training "event" rotation for about 4 months now. I am an on-call "extra board" truck driver who does not have a set schedule at all. I pop-in to commercial gyms everywhere in the eastern US during my 10-hours off-duty and lift in my basement when I'm home and rested. I don't do Mon-Wed-Fri, or anything so tidy. I do "Work-Train-Sleep-Work-Sleep-Work-Train-Repeat" all hours. Started squatting 5s in July of 2016, bought SS in January 2017, started a no-shit 48-72 hour LP in Feb 2017. Since then I have developed about a 7-week "progress deficit" from stalling/sputtering/being-frazzled/failing-psychologically since then but progress is still being made(Squat 135*5*3 thru 315*5*3).

    Age: 27(until 8/19)

    Weight: 243 (hasn't BUDGED at all in months despite half gallon of milk almost every day and 4300 calories total from everything. Greasy burgers, greek yogurt, salad, mac and cheese, fruits, veg, nuts, donuts, you name it, I eat it.... except beans, fish, and anything that slithers around in dirty-ass water)

    H: 6'3"

    SVJ: 22" (a few weeks back, best of three, no prior jumping training, just went outside and did three jumps with some chalk in hand)


    Squat: 320*5,5,1 (Sunday 6/11; I was so optimistic, the first two sets were tasty, last rep was a good morning that almost flipped me over)
    Press: 152*5*3 (a few weeks ago or something; currently on deload)
    Bench: 195*5*3 (Sunday 6/11)
    DL: 415*5 (Friday 6/9; felt awesome)
    PC: 170*3*5 (a while ago, running a deload now, bent arms are a well-ingrained failure of mine)

    Calories: 4300/day average since 10-2-16; no shit, I count them 7 days a week, every cup of coffee, every thing that goes in that isn't air
    Protein: 250+/day average since 10-2-16

    Running an HLHL LP on Squat. Stricht LP on everything else. Not sure I can stand much more 5*3 though. Its been about 96 hours since I did 320*5,5,1. I do 70-75% of last H-Day squat on L-Day. Thought I had 320*5*3 today. Did 1 shitty good morning and almost fell over. Sleep and food are solid. Warmups were hard and slow, should not have tried 320. Every set of 5 on Squat is slow and miserable anymore.

    Going to deload the squat 1 more time and then maybe move on to HLM or something. I thought I could get 365*5 on this LP but I'm starting to wonder. 305 during warmups felt like it would have sufficed for a work weight today. I have no athletic background to speak of and frankly never thought I would face a 3 plate bar in my life 1 year ago.

    I know that there is a huge psychological component to lifting heavy weights, and I think this may be why I'm stalling more than anything. I have never seen a correct four-plate squat in person ever, in any gym I've ever been to. I saw a three-plate squatter last July in Raleigh NC. I saw a 4-plate half-squat last week, and those are the best lifts I've seen anywhere in person, period. A year ago I could not imagine a 3 plate squat without steroids or full-time lifting. Now that I know 5 and 6 plates are not that impressive for a 243lb man, I feel like a big putz and these missed reps burn my soul. I'm gonna beat this LP to death if it's the last thing I do. 315*5*3 was very hard, but I could feel the shift in my mind while I was doing it. I had planned to do 310 and said fuck it while I was loading the bar and I crushed it for 3 sets.

    I'm starting to think that this LP is more about overcoming the bullshit psychological handicaps you have placed on yourself than any real physical shortcoming.

    Anyway, I'm longwinded. Thanks.

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    Your weights look good. When you get a chance go see a certified SS coach. With your schedule I'm sure that's not easy but it could save you some heartache along the road.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carson View Post
    Your weights look good. When you get a chance go see a certified SS coach. With your schedule I'm sure that's not easy but it could save you some heartache along the road.
    and backache!


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