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    First off I'd just like to say thanks to Rip and the Starting Strength team for the great material and this forum.

    Brief Personal History; I used to play basketball at the varsity level and was in good shape but never trained for strength. I had "exercised" over the past 10 years with little success as most programs I followed briefly just had so many variable making tracking progress difficult. I really love that Starting Strength has made a simple program to follow and goes over so much detail to ensure proper form and explains why there's no need to really mess with the program. I also broke my 3rd meta-carpel in my right hand along with a severe wrist sprain last January and to my surprise the program has helped return my range of motion to my wrist. Lastly on the history front due to years of my trade (painter), according to a chiropractor after years my hips have shiftted slightly from tools i have in my pockets that I sit on i suppose for the past 10 years.

    I started my linear progression in January of this year. I had 3 week break due to a vacation but in total I have 40 work outs in.

    Height: 6' Weight:193lbs at beginning 202lb currently

    Squat: started at 115 now at 265
    Bench: 115 now at 175
    Press: 75 now at 105
    Deadlift: 165 now at 300
    Powerclean: 115 was at 135

    I just recently started to video my lifts to ensure form as I had a couple set backs. I purchased a belt and used it for the first time a couple weeks ago. I used it for my last couple warm up sets on each lift. I went for my next PR deadlift adding 5 lbs from the last session and felt like I had a hernia. No bulge, I went to the Dr. and they confirmed it was not a hernia but I did take it easier the past 2 weeks while waiting on that confirmation.

    I felt as though I was cutting off my depth in my squats on my heavy sets. I had bad aches in the hip crease so I switched to Texas Method to go heavy one day and really concentrate on form for other 2 days during the week.

    My press has stalled once already but I believe my terrible Powerclean form was hurting my shoulders when trying to rack. Lately the press has felt good along with my bench.

    Watching my powerclean video, I realized my rack was garabage and nowhere near where it should be. I also seemed to be doing an arm pull. I just started doing pendlay rows with supine grip as I attempt to work out the kinks with the PowerClean.

    When I started my weight was 193lbs and currently 202 with 18% body fat. I started tracking calories the last couple weeks because my weight started to stagnate. I am currently consuming 4000 calories a day with only about 1/2 gallon of whole milk to keep the body fat in check.

    Where I live there is no coach for Starting Strength so I will probably add some form check videos from time to time. I purchased the ebook and watched most of the technique videos on the youtube series. I just purchased the book so I plan on reviewing that some more as the ebook was just a pain in the ass.

    I know rip will say I'm not doing the program, so I will be working on my power clean and squat form. I'd like to max out my linear progression and once the from issues are gone hopefully any pain aside from the regular good workout will subside.
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    You are certainly on the right track. You may check out online coaching which you can find on this website.

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    Impressive work, Sean!


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