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    • wichita falls texas june seminar date
    • woodmere new york july seminar date
    • las vegas nevada august seminar
    35-year-old male, Father of two.

    Started my first LP in Nov 17 went to the middle of April and fell off the routine. Started back up around the beginning of Jun with a 20% de-load and working myself back up through.

    Weight: 303
    Squat: 3X5 @ 355
    Bench: 3X5 @ 210
    Clean: N/A
    Chins: 3x1
    Lat pull down: 3x10 @ 155

    Ate too much food yesterday, none of it healthy, made sleep and this morning's workout rough. I was doing 10 pound jumps on my squats as I was working my way back, but that is going to stop after this workout. Need to focus on driving my knees out more, which was obvious on my second round of squats. The third set was frustrating because I had good bar speed and completed all the reps but when I watched the video not a single rep was to proper depth, most were close but the last rep was particularly bad. There was gas left in the tank so not getting to proper depth was very aggravating. Would of rather do only 1-3 reps with proper form than 5 wrong reps. Going to back off five pounds next workout (350) and make sure I can complete the reps with proper depth.

    Bench went well, though I need to put more focus on hip drive. Need to find a way to make my bands work for me when doing chin-ups so I can work at getting more reps in, but in the mean time I'll use the lat-pull-down machine in the stress lab to get the volume work in. Not every day is going to feel great, but every day under the bar is a win.

    Wondering if with all these virtual reality measuring apps, if there is a way to track the hip height vs knee height to the ground, have it buzz at you once your deep enough to provide feedback on what proper depth is supposed to feel like.

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    Squat - 3x5 @ 350
    Press - 3x5 @ 150
    Deadlift - 1x5 @ 355
    Chinups - 1x10, 1x9, 1x6 @ -60

    The low this morning was hotter than the high last week. Blech. Glad, I backed the squat to 350, was much happier with my squat depth. The first rep of the first set was brutal, I hitched at the very bottom, went chest up first. Had to stick my butt back and turned it into a pause squat. Fun. Glad it was the first and not the last.

    Press I am going to need to move to 2.5 lb jumps soon. The last reps are somewhat grindy, but I haven't failed yet.

    Deadlifts are getting to the edge of my grip strength. The bar is starting to roll out of my grip, but I am completing the reps. Moving to hook grip soon. Need to rewatch Alan's video on squat mistakes, my shoulders are forward and the bar is hanging away from my thighs at the end of my workset. Not noticing the behavior on my warmups.

    Found a chinup setup that works for me, using the lower pullup bar I can get two thirty pound bands under my knee, which allows me to get the volume I need without using the lat machine in the stress lab at work.

    The heat made things slow today, need to get a fan. Interested to see how weightlifting shoes affect my next workout as the should come in tomorrow. Glad it doesn't get over 100 here very often.

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    Thought I’d add some additional stats and some background story. When I started NLP for the first time in November my lifts were:

    Squat: 185
    Press: 100
    Dead: 205
    Bench: 165

    I am 6’2” 300 lbs. I lifted without direction on and off from middle school through college and was a poster child for a 405 squat that was maybe quarter depth. I was alway reasonably athletic but lacked dedication to anything but Nintendo. I work a desk job and outside of a softball beer league once a week during the summer wasn’t doing much.

    Late in 2017 I started waking up with back pain so severe I would actually roll out of bed on to the floor at 2am sobbing. I would lay on the floor shifting my pelvis trying to stretch my back to make the pain go away so I could move. I went to doctor who recommend walking, so I walked at lunch and chased the kids in the backyard and across the playground and would go to bed feeling good then wake up to excruciating pain. Changed the pillows and the mattress but that didn’t work (found out later I snapped one of the primary support members). I knew that the answer was not sitting on my ass so I started looking around. Found Mark through Art of Manliness and it made sense to me. Always like lifting heavy things, and finally I had an example of how to perform the lifts correctly and do something better than putting random amount of weight on the bar to impress your friends. I still wake up stiff in the mornings, but without pain. Besides, nothing feels better than having your kid come in and cheer, “Your lifting the big weights Daddy! Your the strongest man in the world.” Need to be strong for myself, need to be strong for them.

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    Your motives are beautiful and right on. Have you spent any face to face time with a SS coach? Doing so from time to time can help keep you technique on track.

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    I haven’t seen a coach in person yet. I need to, but for a while my schedule is going to fight me so it will be a couple of months. Need to take a day to travel to the nearest coach and I currently have other things prioritized. Going to convince the wife that investing in the online coaching next month is a good idea so that will definitely help. Pay the meter, not the ticket.

    Squat 3x5 @ 355
    Bench 3x5 @ 215
    Clean - skipped, kids asleep.
    Pull-ups 12, 9, 6 @ -60

    Tonight’s workout was mentally hard. I normally workout either first thing in the morning or after lunch, but due to life it was the last thing before bed right after a heavy dinner. I was in my head and the whining record was stuck on repeat and it didn’t help it I was mis-grooving every other squat. First time with weightlifting shoes and they are very different than barefoot. 3/4 inch heel made me feel like a giant.

    I am close to being flexible enough to get my hands in proper position, but my palms were just under the bar so I had a few instances of shifting the weight up my back, which of course happens at the bottom with the least ability to adjust. Jaw hurts from grinding my teeth but I made it through. Another session or two and I’ll find my groove again and have my hands in position. When executed well the weight is heavy but not hard. Might just focus on the new leg mechanics, then worry about the hands after the legs are locked in. No need to change too many variables at once.

    Bench felt good, but the plywood top of the temporary bench is really starting to drag. Thankfully the permanent bench finally shipped. Some vinyl and foam will be awesome.

    Looking forward to sleep tonight, earned it.

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    Squat 3x5 @ 360
    Press 2.0 3x5 @ 155
    Deadlift 2, 1, 1, 1 @ 365
    Chins 12, 8, 6 @ -60

    Squat and press both felt strong. Debated adding more weight to the squat, but slow and steady. Played around with press 1.5 to see what it felt like for one set. Deadlift was rough tonight. First time deadlifting with shoes, and not sure if it contributed. I was not feeling like my low back was set, that my gut was getting in the way. Was doing a pull the watching the video the trying the pull again. Debating a Deload to get my form right or just stay at this weight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeastCookie View Post
    Not every day is going to feel great, but every day under the bar is a win.

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    starting strength coach development program
    Squat 3x5 @ 365
    Bench 3x5 @ 220
    Clean 5x3 @ 160
    Chins 12, 10, 7 @ -60

    Felt good yesterday. Squared a year today, next goal is 4 plates. Would like to squat and pull 2x body weight and press and bench my body weight. Was tempted to add an extra 5 lbs to today’s bench to reach two plates. Cleans need some work, landed with my weight forward a few times. Using puzzle tiles to quiet the reps and protect the floor. Need to buy some bumpers.

    Today should be the last day with my scrap plywood and 4x4 bench. Got the job done for a few months.

    Wondering if keeping schedule is more important than a good workout. Tuesday may limit what I have available, but Wednesday may allow for a better workout.

    Learned to make sure I mark the “remember me in the login form. Third time I’ve typed this entry. Like the accountability and the history this forum provides.


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