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    Ah sorry didn't notice that you'd already said that at the bottom of your last post. If weight is holding steady, but you feel like your waist is getting smaller, and you're still getting stronger, you're moving in the right direction! Taking measurements can't hurt, just so you have something objective to track.

    I also didn't notice you were having grip issues with your deadlift. Your back won't lift what your hands can't grip. Have you tried hook or mixed grip? Or hell, even straps if you don't plan on competing.

    Finally, I forgot to say congrats on that Cup! The Raptors wreaked havoc on my training schedule too, but well worth it

    A Leafs Fan

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    I just can't get comfortable with a hook grip or mixed grip.

    I believe the issue is fatigue, since I'm able to complete the first few reps with a double overhand grip. I'm hoping that moving to phase 3 and deadlifting less frequently while training the chin-up will allow my grip strength to keep up. But if that doesn't end up happening, I'm going to try using straps for warm-ups and see if that helps. And as a last resort, I'll do work sets with straps. But I'd like to avoid that - I want to be able to open glued-shut pickle jars (a duty I signed up for when I got married).

    Quote Originally Posted by Dillon Spencer View Post
    Finally, I forgot to say congrats on that Cup!
    Thanks! It's still totally surreal.
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    Latest figures:

    Squat: 305lbs
    Press: 120lbs
    Bench: 192.5lbs
    Deadlift: 315lbs
    Lat pulldown: 210lbs

    Squat details:

    I've been making steady progress since going back to 5lb jumps and adding a mid-week light squat day. But the bar is starting to feel pretty heavy. The last several heavy days, the last rep on every work set has been a total grind. On those "grinding" reps, my back has a tendency to lag behind my legs, so the bar wants to roll forward, which then makes finishing the rep even more of a grind as I try to wrangle the weight back over my mid-foot. I bought a lever belt a while back, but I'm not currently using it, because I can't get it to fit at the bottom of the squat while still staying on at the top - if its tight enough standing up, it's so tight that I can't squat to parallel or get into the starting position on deadlift; if it's snug at the bottom of the squat, it pops open at the top.

    Press details:

    My press has stalled again. I can press 120lbs for a set of five, but not 122.5lbs for a set of five. Two press sessions in a row, I was unable to complete 3 sets of 5 at 122.5lbs (I make sure to always get the total volume in - if I fail rep #5, then I rest a minute or so and then complete it as a single, then rest as normal and proceed). I've dropped to sets of 3 and I'm going to see if I can push through 122.5 and then come back and retry it again with sets of five.

    Bench details:

    I failed a rep at 192.5lbs, then repeated the weight the following session successfully. This roughly coincided with stalling on the press.

    Deadlift details:

    After my last post, I pulled 325lbs for a set of five, and the bar was starting to roll out of my hands on the fifth rep again. So, I did a reset to 305lbs to try and give my grip strength a chance to catch up. The following deadlift sessions at 305lbs and 315lbs, everything felt great and I had zero problems holding the bar. I've also been holding the bar longer at lockout. Right after pulling 315lbs, I tried a back-off set at 275lbs with 5-second timed holds to try and focus on grip, and I was able to complete it just fine. But it absolutely murdered the following squat session (that was the heaviest the bar ever felt and the last rep on each set was an absolute grind, so I don't think I'll continue attempting those). I'm scheduled to pull 325lbs again this week, so I'll see how it goes. Hopefully my grip has improved and the bar doesn't slip. If it still slips, I'll probably try some grip trainers or something. Next step after that I guess would be using straps on warm-up sets. I really don't want to throw in the towel and use straps on work sets if I don't have to.

    Lat pulldown details:

    I've been doing lat pulldowns to train towards a bodyweight chin-up since I began phase three. I'm not yet able to do a reasonably controlled negative chin-up, so I've been doing pulldowns with a supine grip. Four sets of six reps. I started at 180lbs and have added 5lbs each time up to 210lbs. I may have to drop to 2.5lb jumps soon. We'll see. I may have to go on a cut before I'm finally able to do a bodyweight chin-up (this would probably be faster than working up to a 350lb chin-up).


    I've gained 5lbs since my last update, so I'm now around 350lbs. Bodyfat percentage has stayed roughly the same or increased slightly - it's tough to tell, because the measurements fluctuate so dramatically (anywhere from 38% to 46%, depending on how hydrated I am, how sweaty/dry my feet are, etc.). Beltline has stayed the same (~49"). Waist has stayed the same (~59").

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    starting strength nutrition camp
    Squat: 310x3x1, 275x5x2
    Bench: 195x5x3
    Deadlift: 325x4x1, 325x1x1

    Training session today was depressing. Lack of sleep, inability to eat a full lunch, stress, and a later-than-usual workout contributed to abysmal squat sets. Where 305 felt heavy but doable last week, 310 felt impossible. I damn near failed the third rep on the first set, and decided I didnít have enough energy to complete any sets of five at that weight today. Dropped to 275, and I barely finished two sets of five.

    Bench was the one bright spot. I ground out all three sets. Weíll see how the next session goes.

    Deadlift felt good, except that my grip is still the weak link. My forearms were jelly on rep 4. Completed the fifth as a single.

    I think Iím going to throw in the towel and start using straps. Iíd rather keep pushing my deadlift up ahead of my squat than keep waiting for my grip strength to improve. Iíll probably get some grip trainers, but I really donít know how fast Iíll be able to progress my grip strength even using those. At this point, Iím okay with having an asterisk next to my DL.

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