I was asked to put up a training log after I completed LP well I didn't finish it because i had to focus on My sport of throwing Shot Put and Discus. I ended up doing it for a Month and half 3 days a week lifting 3 days throwing. I work on the docks at UPS loading delivery trucks early morning so my back gets taxed from that as well.

My first workout a on 3/4/19 I did Back Squat 290, The press 115, and deadlift 315. On 3/6/19 Back squat 295 Bench 185 and Power Clean 155. I used the A B work out plan. My final two workouts: 4/15/19 Back Squat 375 easy, Bench 230 Felt good, Power clean 205. on 4/17/19 My last day i did 380 Back squat easy, 165 Press hard, and couldnt budge 410 deadlift on 4/12/19 I did 405 deadlift was very difficult on the last rep. For note I plan on using this work out plan again in the Winter I did this Novice LP after a doing 2 months worth of a stupid bigger faster stronger model work out. That most likely negatively affected my training as I have noticed after between 3 and 4 months of continuous lifting my body shuts down and I can't lift for a couple weeks. I am 19 currently I played sports in Highschool But half assed lifting until I turned 17 just before my junior year doing another stupid BFS model lifting program. When I turned 18 Just before my senior year I got a Coach to write programs for me and I did that till I graduated. After highschool I messed around and wasted time on Some poorly thought out programs of my own and and Currently doing one for throwers based Upon advice From Dan John and John Powell. I will focus on the press next time and forget bench since I don't like it very much or find it useful for throwing though I may do it once a week.

I am 6ft 4in tall 230lbs didn't gain weight or lose during LP. As a side note I'm 2/3 legs my knees go over shoulders and I've got a giraffe Neck if that helps understand my anthropometry My arm reach about half way down my thigh if I stand up straight. I don't know My vertical though I did bruise my fore arm in PE on a rim a tried to grab while running Since i hadn't tried in a while it shocked me