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    Hey there!

    I wanted to share my results of 1 month of novice linear progression:

    Squat: 60 kgs → 95 kgs (58% improvement; +8,8 kgs/week)
    Deadlift: 80 kgs → 140 kgs (75% improvement; +15 kgs/week)
    Bench: 47,5 kgs → 61 kgs (28% improvement; +3,4 kgs/week)
    Press: 32,5 kgs → 46 kgs (42% improvement; +3,4 kgs/week)

    Bodyweight: almost constant at around 122 kgs. Waist did go down by 2 cms.

    My weakest link is the bench press. I don't know why, but it feels pretty weak. On the other hand, DL seems my strongest lift by far. I always feel like there is another rep or two in the tank.

    I'll do a couple of more workouts (reaching SQ 105 and DL 150 if everything is ok) and then I'll go on holiday for a couple of weeks. Then I'll restart NLP as soon as possible. Will be following Andy Baker's article on coming back after a layoff.

    Thanks for reading and have a nice summer!

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    Welcome. What is your age? What is your height? Your gains are very good. Keep up the good work.

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    36 years old, 182 cm. Thanks!


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