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    • phoenix arizona seminar date
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    Day 1
    Sunday 28 July 2019

    20kg x 3 x 3 (w/up)
    30kg x 5 x 3

    20kg x 3 x 3 (w/up)
    25kg x 5 x 3

    20kg x 3 x 3 (w/up)
    50kg x 5 x 1

    First session this morning. Not sure what my starting weights should be. I am not a new trainer, I have a fair amount of experience, but have not stepped foot into a gym for about 3 years. Will bump up every lift, but want to be cautious of maintaining my linear progression and not getting stuck too early on

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    Welcome. If you have had experience with strength training before these numbers may be on the conservative side. Still, they will adjust as you move along. Could you share your age, weight, and height for context?


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