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    So on July 30th I started Starting Strength again and this time I decided to start a log to hold myself accountable and keep track of everything since I have a habit of throwing out or losing old logs and wishing I would have kept them later. My starting weights and stats were:

    Body weight: 202
    Body fat percentage: ~20%
    squat: 135x5x3
    bench: 155x5x3
    press: 75x5x3
    deadlift: 155x5

    I am currently at:

    Body weight: 208
    Body fat percentage: ~20%
    squat: 175x5x3
    bench: 175x5x3
    press: 85x5x3
    deadlift: 235x5

    My past training history is was mostly screwing around although I did find starting strength in 2011 and got good results with that, although I never really knew what to do after that since I hadn't yet heard of Practical Programing for Strength Training and mostly ended up screwing around again after the novice gains slowed. I have been set back a couple of times due to injuries mostly related to the lower back and haven't seriously lifted since 2015. My goals for this time around are:

    squat: 300x5x3
    bench: 245x5x3
    press: 135x5x3
    deadlift: 355x5

    Long term goal is really 500/400/300/200 , but we will address that after LP.


    Since I am around 20% bodyfat and I started relatively light, I am keeping my calories at 2850 per day with 225 g of protein and then adjusting them upwards from there as my body fat lowers and as the need for the extra calories for recovery grows. My carbs are around 250 g and fat is around 112 g daily. Other than whey protein, I am only taking the usual dose of creatine.

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    Forgot to mention, the above weights are in lbs, and I am 28 and 5ft 10in.

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    Welcome back. Sounds like a plan.

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    Squat 185 lb x5x3 pretty easy weight.
    Press 95 lb x 5, 5, 10 this last set was done to see how much I should increase by next time since I don't have access to a coach. Weight was flying up.
    DL 255 lb x 5 thinking I need to pause for a bit longer between each rep. Felt like I may have bounced on one of these. Will be adding 10 lb from now on and alternating between rows since I don't have a coach for power cleans.


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