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    Im fat, and tired of diets. I need to make my chest and arms match my gut instead.
    So, I spent some time in lame gym before finding the SS book/app/videos.
    Im trying to eat right, my goal is 3300 calories of whole foods. Ive gained 8 lbs in the past 2 months. Im trying not to gain weight
    Day 1 June 29, 2019
    Squat 90. (It took a couple weeks to train up to adding weight)
    Bench 110
    Press 85
    DL 210

    Yesterday August 8, 2019
    Squat 187.5
    Bench 167.5
    Press 105
    DL 285

    I feel like my squat could be stronger. Im focusing on consistent eating to see if I can boost my performance. Adding 2.5 lbs seems weak, ill try adding 5 again next week.

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    Welcome. This methodology is the best there is. Squatting properly is one of the most difficult thing I had to learn so it is not surprise that others have a similar difficulty. For some guidance on diet check out the nutrition section on this forum. For suggestions on form and technique post some videos if you have the equipment. I would suggest a visit with a certified SS coach. It can save you time and possible injury.

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    Saturday Aug 10, 2019
    Squat 190 3/5
    Press 107.5 3/5
    DL 290 1/5
    Chin ups 85lb assist 3/5
    I hit that 3300 cal mark for sure. Squats felt better, press felt strong. I switched to mix grip cuz I couldnt hold the bar. 290 felt heavy but doable. Got a tenderness on the outside of my elbow from squat bar i think. Working on grip

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    Tuesday Aug 13, 2019
    Weight 245, 3300 cal/day seems legit.
    Squat: 190 3/5- Im barely hitting parallel. Will try harder.
    Bench: 170 3/5- 5 min rest, feels legit
    DL: 295/5- mixed grip. 135 warmups feel breezy now.
    Chinups: 85lb assist 9/8/8 reps

    Light loading 2.5lb the past few days has improved my form and knee soreness. Im able to focus on controlling the bar up/down a little better, and im gonna work harder on depth
    Pain above my elbow has mellowed out, been working on squat grip and bench form.
    Im knocking on 300lb DL, and im proud of myself for earning the attempt.

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    Thursday Aug 15, 2019
    First, Ive an appointment with a SS coach on Thursday, that should help.
    My wife filmed my last set of squats and I was not reaching depth. I took 50# off and hit depth every time. Will load back up gradually.
    My last deadlift was 295. Today was 300 and I couldnt get it off the floor 6. I took off 30# and it was heavy. Maybe Its time to alternate DL.
    Squat 145 3/5 deloaded from 195
    Press 110 3/5
    DL 1/5 270 deloaded from 300 for some reason
    Assisted chins 85# 3/10 10/10/8

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    Sat Aug 17
    Weight 243
    Squat 155 3x5
    Bench 173 5,5,4
    DL- skipped, did back extensions and chins instead after Thursday fail

    This is bullshit. Im seeing a coach Tuesday. Im actually getting weaker. Gut or no gut im shooting between 3500 and 4000 calories/day now


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