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    • texas starting strength seminar september 2020
    • wichita falls texas december seminar 2020
    Male, 36 years old, 1'82 m.

    Before the layoff:
    Squat: 60 kgs → 100 kgs
    Deadlift: 80 kgs → 145 kgs
    Bench press: 47,5 kgs → 62 kgs
    Press: 32,5 kgs → 47 kgs

    After the layoff:
    Squat: 85 kgs → 120 kgs (100% improvement from beginning)
    Deadlift: 125 kgs → 155 kgs (94% improvement from beginning)
    Bench press: 52,5 kgs → 66 kgs (39% improvement from beginning)
    Press: 40 kgs → 51 kgs (57% improvement from beginning)

    Weight: 126,4 kgs → 121,1 kgs
    Waist: 122 cms → 119 cms

    Vertical Diet-ish at 2.200 kcal

    Squat: 175 kgs
    Deadlift: 200 kgs
    Bench press: 100 kgs
    Press: 75 kgs
    Weight: 85-100 kgs
    Waist: 102 cm

    Random Comments:
    -Fat loss is a priority for now, that’s why I’m that low on calories. I will get as many gains as I can from NLP and move to another, easier to sustain, program when I won’t be able to continue. Something like this, perhaps. That being said…
    -I have pretty good energy levels and workouts are as easy as they get, even when I’m very low on carbs (100 g). I think it has to do with better recovery: drinking less alcohol by night and sleeping 1-1’5 hours more than before on average.
    -Vertical diet is working fine by now, both on losing weight and lifting weights. I find myself a lot more relaxed on what I eat than when I’m on medium carb, low fat diet. I’m pretty sensitive to carbs, too. Not adhering to it to a 100% yet, but getting there. I’m missing cranberry juice, and I’m not eating eggs every day.
    -My DL is 77 lbs ahead of my squat. I’m on point, according to Robert Santana.
    -Bench press is still my weakest lift.
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