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    Default DMH Log 36M 5'10" 220lb

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    36 Male
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: Started at 215 -> 220 at week 6

    I'm currently on week 6 of the novice program. I'm going to include a quick recap of those sessions here, just to track the progress.

    All workouts are sets/reps as described in the book. I'll only call something out if I didn't hit whatever the normal sets/reps are supposed to be.

    WEEK 1
    Squat: 135
    Press: 45
    Deadlift: 135

    Squat: 145
    Bench Press: 105
    Deadlift: 150

    Squat: 155
    Press: 50
    Deadlift: 165

    WEEK 2
    Squat: 165
    Bench Press: 110
    Deadlift: 180

    Squat: 175
    Press: 55
    Deadlift: 135

    Squat: 185
    Bench Press: 115
    Deadlift: 210

    WEEK 3
    Squat: 195
    Press: 60
    Deadlift: 220

    Squat: 205
    Bench Press: 120
    Deadlift: 225 1x4

    Squat: 215
    Press: 65
    Deadlift: 225

    WEEK 4
    Squat: 225
    Bench Press: 125
    Deadlift: 230

    Squat: 235
    Press: 75
    Power Clean: 95

    Squat: 245 ***Had a painful, deep, sore ache in right hip area after finishing. It gradually improved over a few hours, and felt almost entirely gone by the following Monday.
    Bench Press: 130
    Deadlift: 235

    WEEK 5
    Squat: 250 ***Ache returned, did some reading and made a plan to monitor form much more closely next time.
    Press: 85
    Deadlift: 240

    Squat: 255 ***Used an upright dumbbell to stand in as a block of wood to see if my knees were sliding forward during warmups and worksets. Didn't seem like it, but I noticed a little
    kneecave as the weight increased so I focused on KNEES OUT and the soreness was much more mild, faded more quickly, as was almost completely gone the next morning.
    Bench Press: 135
    Power Clean: 95

    Squat: 260 ***Continued to focus on KNEES OUT and soreness was present but much less than before.
    Press: 90
    Deadlift: 245 ***Just barely managed to get 1x5 here, and only with a longer 10-15 second rest between the last few reps.

    WEEK 6
    Squat: 265 ***Soreness came back stronger. Didn't just feel it after, but felt the ache start up during 2nd set when I was descending. Just barely made 3x5, not sure if it was the soreness of just close to failing.
    Bench Press: 140
    Power Clean: 105
    Chin-Ups: 3 sets of who the hell knows I did them in between my cleans and think I strained my neck like an asshole.



    All caught up.

    The biggest thing I'm trying to do is get at least some face-time with a SSC. I reached out to everyone in the ATL area, so we'll see. I'm not sure what to do about the hip ache related to squatting. I was planning on deloading about 10%, really focusing on form and seeing if I had issues as I worked my way back up. Totally aside from the ache, I'd like to have some feedback from a SSC on all my lifts.

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    Welcome to the logs and SS NLP.
    You’ve made great progress so far. Until you get a coach in person, use some video form checks on reddit, Facebook or this site to get feedback.
    I use the SS app too. It’s great.
    In regards to the ache, do you use proper squat shoes? You may be trying to keep your upper body too vertical in the squat which leads to weaker hips in the hole.
    I’d say deload 10% or as needed on squats if you have increasing soreness to nail the form correctly. Then moving up shouldn’t be adding to the pain by that point.

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    Thanks very much, Jared. I'm happy to see the numbers going up. Slow but steady for most, but some good jumps (particularly on Squat) that I'm proud of. I was kind of surprised to see my weight go up--I was a pretty soft 215, and I actually tightened up my diet and definitely didn't GOMAD. I'm not complaining, it was just surprising since Rip's "A Clarification" made me think my weight would hold steady or slowly start dropping.

    I actually managed to get in over at Atlanta Barbell this morning and get some helpful feedback. Squat form looked good except for a couple small things (toe angle wasn't consistent through the set) and the coach said the same thing you did: get some lifting shoes. It was already on my list, but I guess I'll try to make it happen sooner rather than later. He mentioned my left heel kind of looked like it might have been coming up a bit on the last set, but said it could just be the shoes too.

    He also said I was too far forward on the deadlift, which I didn't realize at all.

    I'm planning on deloading Squat about 10% or so, working my way back up. I'm going to pick up some shoes in the meantime, and I'll try to start posting some form checks to make sure I'm not missing anything. I only went up to about 250 on Squat today with the coach--the soreness showed up a little bit by the end, but it was nothing like the workout on Monday.

    ***Worked with a coach, weights were dropped a bit to troubleshoot form and hip soreness
    Squat: 250
    Bench Press: 135
    Deadlift: 225


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