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    • wichita falls texas march seminar date
    • woodmere new york april seminar date
    20191202 LP
    SQ w/ belt 3704
    TNG BP 27543, 2753
    PS 14527

    Session start: 0345
    Session end: 0530
    Q1: Rest Periods? 6m SQ/ 5m BP/ 3m PS
    Q2: Weight jumps? 0lb SQ/ +2lb BP/ na PS
    Q3: Sleep & calories? 4h30m/ 220Protein/ 460Carbs/ 70Fat
    SQ Notes: Felt really confident after coming close to finishing the 35 @this weight last Wednesday. Was immediately slapped in the face by the reality of my poorly managed recovery factors. During the holiday weeked I had no concern about caloric intake/protein needs, binge drinking, and a lack of food/sleep the day before.
    BP Notes: Though i could grind through feeling like shit but i caught up to me on the last set.
    PS Notes: last 2 sets were very ugly. Did not program these but decided the workout had turned to shit and i need a "W".
    Misc: I will eat and sleep like crazy the next 48h. Will reattempt 370 on SQ but for 44. Will reattempt BP on friday. Im banking on the fact that last weeks programming was working around the holiday. Still believe that if the recovery factors are managed i can still move forward with the LP

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    Hey man, following your log but mostly trying to stay out of your sh#$. But I'm curious: What's your AR 600-9 data looking like? [Edit: I see your measurements at the front of your thread. I can plug them in myself. My bad.]

    Keep up the small W's until you can score the big ones. You're killin' it.

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    20191204 LP
    SQ 3753
    Press 2.0 17553
    DL 4205

    Session start: 0430
    Session end: 0615
    Q1: Rest Periods? 5m SQ/ 5m PR2.0/ 5m DL
    Q2: Weight jumps? +5lb SQ/ +5lb PR2.0/ +5lb DL
    Q3: Sleep & calories? 6h30m/ 220Protein/ 395Carbs/ 70Fat
    SQ Notes: Programmed 37544 for today and failed in epic fashion. Will be backing off 10% and trying to bring life back to this exercise.
    Press 2.0 Notes: Last weeks presses were very very easy. Needed a win afterthe frustration with squats which i got with the press. Each rep flew off the chest so im considering another 5lb jump.
    DL Notes: Solid effort and left nothing in the tank. Hopefully i can hold out for my short term goal of 4355.

    @GeoffBischoff i have improved on the tape test. It doesnt really matter a ton to me but it does quiet some criticism from command about getting taped.

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    20191206 LP
    PC 23535
    TNG BP 28544
    SQ w/o belt 33053

    Session start: 0555
    Session end: 0850
    Q1: Rest Periods? 3-5m PC/ 5-7m BP/ 4m SQ
    Q2: Weight jumps? -45lb SQ/ 0lb BP/ +5lb PC
    Q3: Sleep & calories? 8h/ 220Protein/ 460Carbs/ 70Fat ~3,350calories
    SQ Notes: Backed off 10% and took the belt off. Happy to be back in the win column on this exercise. I will try to beat my beltless 35 PR next week with sets across @340.
    BP Notes: Very uneven bar position. My L elbow was probably a silid 2" lower than my R. Need to work on this recurring problem.
    PC Notes: My god this took forever and is a PR since i started training for general strength. However my rack position is the thing that frightens childeren at night. Total garbage and my wrists let me know every rep. For clarity i was catching the bar in a quarter squat @about the distal end of your anterior deltoid then as i forcefully drove up the bar would leave my arms and fall in the proper position.

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    20191209 LP
    SQ w/o belt 33552, 3356 (Vol PR)
    Press 2.0 17853
    DL w/ belt 4255

    Session start: 0340
    Session end: 0520
    Q1: Rest Periods? 5m SQ/ 5m PR2.0/ 5m DL
    Q2: Weight jumps? -40lb SQ/ +3lb PR2.0/ +5lb DL
    Q3: Sleep & calories? 4h30m/ 220Protein/ 460Carbs/ 70Fat ~3,350calories
    SQ Notes: Very solid session. Went for a 6th rep on the last set because its a small W since the reset.
    PR2.0 Notes: Can definitely get to 185 based off these last few sessions
    DL Notes: No way around it I hitched the last rep. Didnt know what i was doing but tge bar clearly got hiked up to lockout by a slight second knee bend. Will be more careful to not prize the PR over cheating in the future.

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    20191211 LP
    SQ w/o belt 34053 (PR)
    TNG BP 28844
    PS 15027

    Session start: 0345~Garage/ 0645~PRT
    Session end: 0530~Garage/ 0730~PRT
    Q1: Rest Periods? 5m SQ/ 5m BP/ 2-3m PC
    Q2: Weight jumps? -35lb SQ/ +3lb BP/ +5lb PS
    Q3: Sleep & calories? 5h30m/ 220Protein/ 460Carbs/ 70Fat ~3,350calories
    SQ Notes: Tight L Hip Flexor (i think iliacus) that made walking and standing upright incredibly difficult. For PRT we run +3miles every day then rack out 100s of flutter kicks, sit ups, and leg raises so im not surprised im having problems. Took me a lot of warm up sets with an empty bar, a solid pair of compression shorts, and one tight fucking ace wrap to work my way down too depth. Very happy with the PR especially since the only way i could tolerate 340 was by bringing my stance in close.
    BP Notes: Hip made it difficult to get on and off the bench. But i smashed this weight and based of the film could have probably pulled off 25 with it. That forth set of four was maximal though i wont try 28853 for now.
    PS Notes: Conducted the snatch drills out of Greg Everetts Oly lifting encyclopedia for my warm up. Then power snatched all my doubles but i overhead squatted my last reps on every set.

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    starting strength coach development program
    20191213 LP
    SQ w/o belt 34553 (Beltless PR)
    Press 2.0 18053 (PR)
    DL 4300
    PC 2351

    Session start: 0345~Garage/ 0645
    Session end: 0530~Garage/ 0730
    Q1: Rest Periods? 5m SQ/ 5m PR 2.0/ 5m DL/ 3m PC
    Q2: Weight jumps? -30lb SQ/ +2lb BP/ +5lb DL/ +5lb PC
    Q3: Sleep & calories? 5h/ 220Protein-460Carbs-70Fat ~3,350calories
    SQ Notes: Very hard fought session with the last rep of the 3rd set being an all out grind. L Hip flexor has improved but still not 100%
    PR2.0 notes: Proud of this one. Did not imagine at the start of the LP2.0 i could hit this. Really been feeling the groove as of late.
    DL notes: Loaded the bar got in position started to pull and felt nauseated and light headed so i immediately stopped. Went to work after.
    PC notes: PRT was cancelled so i returned home and figured Id try for a pulling PR. Was just to lethargic to really explode. 2nd rep was right at my nipples but i was looking down so when i dipped my elbows were tucked at my side and i basically guided the bar back to the earth.

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