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    Default Pro Patria LP

    • wichita falls texas february 2021 seminar
    • starting strength seminar april 2021
    • starting strength seminar february 2021
    24y/o Male
    69" 220lb
    17.5-18" neck, 37-38" waist (per tape test in AR 600-9)
    Married w/ two childeren

    DNDTP the first time around but still found some success. Had some decent intermediate progress with HLM. Recently due to long durations in the field, being assigned to the infantry, and PCSing i regressed. Seized the opportunity to run a LP earnestly.

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    SQ* 285󬊃
    BP 235󬊃
    DL* 3255

    SQ* 290󬊃
    BP 240󬊃
    DL* 3355

    SQ* 295󬊃
    BP 245󬊃
    DL* 345󬊃

    W2D1 (A)
    SQ* 300󬊃
    BP 250󬊃
    DL* 3505

    W2D2 (B)
    SQ* 305󬊃
    PR 1.0* 135󬊃
    DL* 3605

    W2D3 (A)
    SQ* 310󬊃
    BP 255󬊃
    DL* 3705

    W2D4 (B)
    SQ* 315󬊃
    PR 1.0* 140󬊃
    DL* 295󬊃

    W3D1 (A)
    SQ* 320󬊃
    BP 260󬊃
    DL* 3805

    W3D2 (B)
    SQ* 325󬊃
    PR 1.0* 145󬊃
    DL* 305󬊃

    W3D3 (A)
    SQ* 330󬊃
    BP 265󬊃
    DL*3905 PR

    W4D1 (B)
    SQ* 335󬊃 PR (Short Term Goal)
    PR 1.0* 148󬊃
    DL* 313󬊃

    W4D2 (A)
    SQ* 3405, 3403
    BP 2705 Paused, 270󬊃 TNG
    DL 3955

    W4D3 (Upper)
    PR 1.0 150󬊃

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    W1D3 (correction**)
    SQ* 295󬊃
    BP 245󬊃
    DL* 3455☆

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    Welcome back, man! SOCM all done-ski, or?

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    Negative i actually proximally ruptured my anterior talorfibular ligament. I switched to an RPE based HLM due to the wild fluctuations in performance. I recently PCSd to Fort Drum and I'm assigned to a heavy weapons company. We went to gunnery for most of October which dropped about 10lbs off me. So i figured I had mixed and inconsistent success with RPE so i just restarted with a NLP @70%.

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    20191111 LP
    SQ w/belt 340󬊃
    BP 2735 paused, 2735, 2734
    DL w/belt 4005

    Q1: Rest Periods? 7m SQ/ 7m BP/ 6m DL
    Q2: Weight Jumps? 5lb BP/ 3lb BP/ 5lb DL
    Q3: Sleep/ Calories? 7h/ 220Protein-382Carbohydrates-66Fat for the day
    SQ notes: Improve C spine positioning through grinded reps,
    BP notes: inefficient bar pattern
    DL notes: Great grind
    Misc: Wenning warm up
    Lower Body: (BB SQ, Rubber band hamstring curl, crunches)254 circuit
    Upper Body: (BB BP, 10lb Plate Shoulder press, 10lb French Press)254 circuit

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    20191112 LP
    PR 1.0 153󬊂, 1534

    Q1: 6m Rest
    Q2: Weight Jump +3lb
    Q3: Sleep 8h Calories 220Protein/ 307Carbs/66Fats
    PR 1.0 Notes: Very cold in the garage. Attempted this session due to my 24h CQ shift today. Will skip tomorrow to rest up and eat. Will continue normal LP on thursday. Press will be changed to 2.0 and i will attempt a Press 1.0 pr during intermediate programming or later in the LP.

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    20191114 LP
    SQ w/belt 345󬊃
    TNG BP 275󫶘

    Session Start: 0335
    Session End: 0525
    Q1: Rest Periods? 7m SQ/ 6m BP
    Q2: Weight Jumps? +5lb SQ/ +2lb BP
    Q3: Sleep & Calories? 5h/ 3,300 calories, 220Protein/446Carbohydrates/70Fat
    SQ Notes: Need to improve the eveness of the bar on my back and speed up the eccentrics slightly. Did a better job squeezing upper back today and had great grinds on 5th reps.
    BP Notes: Upper back position on the bench on all sets was subpar and made the sets harder than necessary
    Misc: 12 outside and the garrage was freezing so my warm up took longer than usual. Had to skip 4055 on DL due to lack of time before work.

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    20191115 LP (Just Upper)
    Press 2.0 w/belt 155󬊃
    Chin Ups BW󭅇

    Session: 0345-0445
    Q1: 5m PR2.0/ 1m Chin Ups
    Q2: +2lb PR2.0
    Q3: 5h Sleep/ 3,000 calories, 220Protein/380Carbohydrates/70Fat planned for today
    Press 2.0 Notes: Been a hot minute since i performed these so im going to need time to relearn
    Misc: HT & WT tested today per AR 600-9. I passed with a "BF" of 17%.
    HT 70"
    WT 212lb
    Neck 17"
    Waist 36" (improved)
    I plan on getting back to the by the book LP after this APFT monday. I think with CQ, field missions, medical coverage, and various other duties ive adjusted the LP nicely to keep the ball rolling.

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    starting strength coach development program
    looks like you've got it rolling nicely, good work in that tropical climate lol

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