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    • texas starting strength seminar september 2020
    • wichita falls texas december seminar 2020
    6' 3" 27 y/o Male. Desk Job. Hasn't worked out since highschool (10 years ago).

    1/7/20: Wt - 155 lbs
    Squat - 100 lbs
    Bench - 110 lbs
    DL - 130 lbs

    Squat - 110 lbs (failed)
    Press - 70 lbs
    DL - 140 lbs

    I Believe the squat fail on the second workout was more fatigue related being my fist time squatting in 10 years.
    I reset back to 100 and increased in 5 lb increments. (I read that somewhere in the forum tall skinny guys might have to make 5 lb jumps instead of 10)

    3 weeks later. The app suggested I start PCleans since my deadlift is higher than my bodyweight.
    1/23/20: Wt - 164 lbs
    Squat - 125 lbs
    Bench - 125 lbs
    Press - 85 lbs
    PClean - 85 lbs (first workout)
    DL - 180 lbs

    Breakfast - 1300 cal shake every morning (16 oz milk, 1 banana, 3 tbsp peanut butter, 1/2 cup oats, and a scoop of protein).
    Lunch - 1 Avocado, microwavable rice/pasta, and pouch of tuna/salmon/chicken.
    Carb heavy snack near end of work (crackers, cookie)
    Dinner Varies but always a protein, veggie, and starch. And 1 or 2 beers typically.
    Scoop of protein and 3 scoop of carbo max before bed.

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    Squat - 160 lbs
    Bench - 117.5 lbs
    PClean - 105 lbs

    Squat - 165 lbs
    Press - 92.5 lbs
    DL - 190 lbs

    Weight - 174 lbs

    Bench and press took a hit when I hurt my shoulder but the timing was alright because I had to take a week off when I went out of the country. So I had a deload when I got back. But still making good progress.

    Iím feeling my squat weakness is more in my back than it is my legs. Probably need to push myself on deadlift more to help my back strength.

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    Find a Starting Strength Coach within a couple hundred miles and have a consult with him/her. A certified coach can give you advice on diet and clear up any quirks in your form. You are gaining weight which is excellent. You may want to keep track of both your calories and your protein. Think of 1 gram of protein for each pound of your ideal weight which should be over 200 lbs. Probably over 220 lbs.

    Keep up the good work.

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    I tracked macros for the first month and then held a similar diet since then. I was around 150g protein 450g carbs and 110g fat. Couldnít hurt to increase the protein though.

    I think a lot of my recent back pain is from traveling on a couple 14 hour plane rides a couple weeks ago and then trying to get back into it. But it also wouldnít hurt to at least post a form check to here.


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