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    This is a post to put all the logs regarding the time doing Starting Strength

    So far my starting numbers were the following (also i'm using the Starting Strength app to log all the progress on the go).

    Bench: 75lbs
    Deadlift: 95lbs
    Squat: 65lbs
    OHP: 45lbs

    Started with light weight to practice more control and technique of each of the movements.

    As for March 2nd my current numbers are:

    Bench: 85lbs
    Deadlift 125lbs
    Squat: 90lbs
    OHP 50lbs

    I'm lagging a bit on my squat, i'm stuck on doing 5-4-4 or 3 reps at 95lbs and did 135lbs on the DL but only made 3 reps. Will take in count my diet due to not counting my calories and i think i should eat a little more than usual also will lower a bit on the DL to practice technique and on the squat i will add a few more reps and sets to work on technique and add a few volume for a while.

    On the OHP so far i dont have any issues and with the bench press i was having some problems regarding my grip but after watching a few videos on that i felt comfortable doing 85lbs with no problem will see how it goes.

    Today i didn't went to the gym due to being a bit sick but tomorrow will go to start another session.

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    Welcome. Good start.

    What is your age, height, and weight?

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    Congrats! No one can get under the bar for you. You have done well to start!


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