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    • wichita falls texas june seminar date
    • texas starting strength seminar september 2020
    3/18 Did some 2000m rowing to see if I could measure v02 max.

    2000m 8:28
    2000m 8:42

    The first 2000m was an aggressive warmup -start slow, build to 150 bpm
    Second 2000m started slightly too aggressively, had to back it off, then didn't kick it in soon enough for the final utterly anaerobic push.
    Times for 2000m are utterly humilitating, but a lot of that is technique, which I am improving. Read about a better way to breathe last night, used it today. Felt better


    5 min row warmup
    Squats 115 3x5 (really fighting the urge to move up faster, but honestly adding 30 lbs a week should have me failing my first set soon enough)
    BP 115 2x5, 120 1x5 (had a lot in the tank during second set, wanted to push it a bit on third set)
    Deadlift 275 1x5 (I'll definitely need adaptation to pull 285 1x5. Not much left after 5th rep. Just slow, not a grind)
    5 min row warmdown

    Ultra crappy sleep the night before. I know it doesn't work this way, but am hoping to sleep well for a full 8 hours tonight.

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    5:00 rowing
    Squat 135 3x5
    Press 80 4,3,4
    Chin 2,1,1
    5:00 rowing

    5:00 rowing
    Squat 145 3x4
    Bench 120 3x5
    Deadlift 285 1x5
    rowing warmup 5:00 / 2x HIIT 3:00 work, 1:00 rest/ 6:00 warmdown. About 3650m

    Took the 20 pound jump on the 21st, as I felt that with three workouts, legs were conditioned enough to get to a whopping two plates.

    I'll continue with 2.5 lb increments on Bench

    Thought the deadlift would be tougher today than it actually was. So it looks like 10 lb increments continue.

    Press... Oh press... It sucked before, it sucks now. I'm hoping to do 80 3x5 on the 27th, then go with 1.25 lb increments after that. Am working on making the movement more dynamic per a SS video I recently watched.

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    starting strength coach development program

    Rowing 5:00
    Squats 155 3x5
    Press 80 3x5
    Chin-ups 2,1,1

    Had son take video of my squat. It's sucking pretty hard, gonna require a reset to see how I can get low enough without tipping upper body forward. Bar does travel nice and vertically up until the last 5-6", when upper body tilts. Will be looking in SS, but am kind of thinking wider stance, more angle out on feet?

    Rest of workout was fine. Press went up ok, only grinding on last rep of last set.

    As an aside, sons were down with me. Let them get under the bar just so they could see what I'm doing. But... 45 lb bare bar is too much for them to warm up on. Am seriously thinking about 10kg Rogue Junior bar.

    #2 son took video of my squat. It's sucking really, really hard. I thought I was getting low enough, but that's not the case. As well, bar is moving forward the last 6" of downward travel. Will reset to 95 pounds and concentrate on getting lower.


    Started new work, up at 4:00 AM. Dead tired from crap sleep.

    Row 5:00
    Squat 95 3x5
    BP 122.5 3x5

    If anything, forward bar movement is even worse with lower weight, and I'm still not as deep as I should be. I tried a slightly wider stance with feet angled out a bit more. But what happens is that I lean forward at the bottom rather than sink my hips lower, changing the back angle. Not good.

    Re-read SS and focused on the section around figure 2-43. Tried un-weighted squats really concentrating on keeping knees out as wide as possible to avoid impingement. Looks like that will give me the depth that I need, but feet point out at more than a 30 degree angle from straight ahead. Will do more un-weighted squats on 3/30 along with deadlift.

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