I started my novice linear progression about 3 months ago (mid of January 2020) and wanted to share my results. I bought the app and SS book earlier and tried in a standard gym but it didn't really work for me. I finally could get all the equipment I need for training at home in January. I switched from fives to triples after about a month because the weights felt too heavy. I decreased the increments whenever I thought the next workout would fail when I try to keep the increment.

I have to say, it is amazing how much I learned while training through different pains I had for years in my back, knee, wrist, elbow, Achilles tendon (all gone).

I am female, 37 years old, and 5"11 small. Last time I took my weight it was 58 kgs (last year). I guess I have around 25% BF.

Squat: 37 kgs → 63 kgs, current increment 0.5 kgs
Bench: 28 kgs → 41 kgs, current increment 1 kgs
Press: 23 kgs → 31 kgs, current increment 0.5 kgs
Deadlift: 45 kgs → 75 kgs, current increment 2 kgs
PClean: 26 kgs → 35 kgs, current increment 0.5 kgs

From the strength standards table I found myself somewhere between CAT III and IV with my weight. Whatever that means.

The lifts get heavier again and I feel like I will hit a sticking point soon. I really have to grind through the squat, so I switched to 0.5 kg increments, still feels heavy. The DL starts to feel really heavy too, I will probably switch to 1 kg increments.

I started browsing the forum and found some of you mentioning
  1. a light Wednesday
  2. switching again to fives, then back to triples
  3. switching the DL to 2 x 3
  4. using back-off sets

I assume adding the light Wednesday would be the first thing to try according to what I found. If anybody reads that, what would be the next best thing to try after that?

I found these recommendations here:
Questions for Women (or those that train them)
Trying to keep LP alive

My legs toned and I look slightly more muscular overall. I always had muscular arms though and I played soccer when I was younger. I also run 2 to 3 times a week to relax myself from work. My runs are also not very relaxing at the moment but it can be due to that cold I just catched. I noticed that I get real hungry after the workouts now and I want to sleep early each day I trained. So I stuff myself and sleep.

I don't count my calories. I just eat whenever I feel hungry and also throw some protein shakes in. I like to eat meat, fish, eggs, veggies, potatoes, cheese, rice, bread, fruit, salad, milk/yoghurt. But I also have kebab, pizza or pancakes 2 to 3 times a week, especially after the workouts. I make the shakes from bananas, oats, cocoa, honey and protein powder. I also add a bit of chocolate, cake, beer and wine here and there.

Thank you for reading.