An odd but successful day of training. During my third OHP attempt I failed to secure the last rep, but during that rep I felt a weird shift forward that I didn't on my previous reps. Upon reflection I felt that the issue was not of strength but slacking on form, so I rested and set up for a fourth set. On this extra set I secured all 5 reps without great difficulty, I am going to continue forward while keeping myself stricter to form going forward. Deadlift was a success this time, I was able to lock out and hold the bar without my grip slipping, so I will continue forward. I do not know if increasing my calories did the trick or if Monday was just a bad day, but I will keep eating at maintainence until Monday when I check the scale.

Warm-up sets before each top set: empty bar 2x5 (135 lbs 1x5 for deadlifts), ~40%x5, ~60%x3, ~80x2
Squat: 240x5x3
OHP: 110x5x3* (re-attempted 3d set due to suspicions of slacking form, succeeded on the re-attempt)
Deadlift: 320x5
It was 98 degrees and 58% humidity today. Fuck conditioning today, I'm just going for a night walk.

Side note: I managed to score some cast iron 45s today and a proper flat bench. No more using a bunch of 10s to get above 315 and no more getting my fat ass wedged into the gap of my current cheapo adjustable bench.

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Numbers are moving up! Keep at it.
Thank you!