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    BW 93/93.5kg (my scale is not very precise)

    Squat 135kg (297lbs / 90% of 150kg)
    Press 70kg (154lbs)
    Clean - 84kg - YouTube (185lbs) (3,3,2,2,2,2,1)
    Chins 3x8,7,6 (21) (rest 3')

    SQUAT: felt like shit, but looked ok. Rest was 5'.

    PRESS: heavy enough, focusing on elbows forward and being tall and stiff. Rest was 7/8'.
    Did all 3 sets, pushed the bar too forward on the last rep.

    CLEAN: Couldn't do 5 sets of 3, I did 15 total. Apparently 84kg is my plateau point for the clean. But mostly it's because the range of motion is getting shorter and I'm not used to bending my knees more to get under the bar and catch it, so it ends up on my chest.
    Rest was 5/6'.

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    Squat 152kg (3x 3+2)
    Bench - 99kg - YouTube (4,5,5)
    Deadlift 176kg FAIL

    I was going to travel to Brussels to see Steve but I had some problems and had to reschedule.
    I did not eat enough yesterday and had to train in a new gym. I knew it was going to be tough.

    SQUAT: 1st set was a 3+2 with 40" rest. I am not bending my knees early enough, but I wanted to keep the load on the bar and not deload for millionth time. I rested almost 10' to make sure I had it.
    Very nervous, the fucking belt now hurts for some reason, even tho I'm putting it on like I always do.
    2nd set was 3+2 with 1' rest.
    3rd set was 3+2 wih 1'10" rest
    My shins are too vertical and I bend over too much. Unfortunately what works for me is thinking about keeping my back angle vertical.

    BENCH: the only bench they had was a bit messed up, it was too large, too low and the rubber cushion was broken.
    Only did 4 reps on the 1st set, but from the video it didn't look that slow, so I went for 5 on the 2nd set, and I did it. Definitely touched too low on the last rep
    Rest was 7/8'.

    DEADLIFT: felt really heavy, only did a couple reps with some rest in between. Just too little energy

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    BE 93,9kg

    Light Squat 135kg
    Press - 71kg - YouTube
    Clean - 86kg - YouTube 4x2
    Chins 3x8,7,7 (rest 3')

    LIGHT SQUAT: focusing on not bending over too much and setting the knees early, and I got the habit of looking directly down instead of having the proper eye gaze (my glasses don't help with this, but it's never been a big problem). This is really difficult because it feels like I'm doing a high bar squat, but when I watch the video I see that my shins are almost vertical on the way up.
    3rd set looked better. Rest was 6'.

    PRESS: rest was 8'. Technique was ok, as long as I don't mess up the layback and throw the bar forward. Tried to stop a little bit at the top instead of doing touch and go. Looking at the side view the bar goes a bit behind the mid foot. I gotta throw my upper body under the bar eaerlier.

    CLEAN: decided to switch to 4 sets of 2.
    Bar comes up pretty fast but I have to really think hard about shoving the feet out and getting under it because I catch it mostly on my chest and jump forward.
    2nd set sucked, I had to walk forward on the 2nd rep. I guess I will get the hang of it. If did a few extra singles at the end out of my own ego, I think I got one good rep. Rest was 5'

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    BW 93,5kg (205,7lbs)

    Squat - 152kg - YouTube (334,5lbs)
    Bench - 100kg - YouTube (220lbs)
    Deadlift - 176kg - YouTube (387lbs)

    SQUAT: getting better, didn't feel too heavy. Crossfit noise in the background was a bit distracting. I feel my low back pumping. Focusing on keeping my chest out and back angle stable on the way up.
    Rest was 8/10'.

    BENCH: technique was good, bar went up nicely. I followed the advice of another lifter ( the only one I've seen lift heavier weights than me so far, not a regular I think), about putting rubber bands around the bench to avoid sliding on it, and it seems to work! Rest was 8'.

    DEADLIFT: same weight as Tuesday, did a 4+1 with a 30" pause, I'll take it.

    I will try to do a heavy squat next Tuesday so that I can go back to doing light squats on my deadlift day. I think I can do it.

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    BW 94kg

    Squat -154kg - YouTube (338,8lbs)
    Press - 72kg - YouTube (158,4lbs) (2x4+1, 1x5)
    Power Clean - 88kg - YouTube (193,5lbs) - 4 sets of 2
    Chins 3x8,7,6 (21 - rest 3')

    SQUAT: technique was ok. Didn't like the 3rd set. Rest was 8/9'.

    PRESS: warm-ups felt re99ally light, but workset was not. 4+1 on the 1st set. Elbows out too much, focused on keeping them vertical.
    2nd set was also a 4+1.
    I tried to rest 10' before the 3rd set because I was convinced I could do 5 in a row. I was correct.
    Rest was 8/10'

    CLEAN: new PR. Only problem with technique is getting under the bar fast enough and slam both elbows up at the same time, other than that I can lift the weight. Rest was 5/6'.

    This was a pretty hard session, I knew it was going to be because of the switch in the Squat, but I'm glad I could get through it.

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    BW uncertain, scale said 95.1kg or more, so I would say vaguely that I gained some weight

    Light Squat 137kg (301,4 lbs)
    Bench - 101kg - YouTube (222,2 lbs) NEW PR
    Deadlift - 178kg (1st set) - YouTube Deadlift - 178kg (2nd set) - YouTube (391,6 lbs) 2x3

    LIGHT SQUAT: everything good, rest was 5/6'.

    BENCH: 1st set was a little slower than I expected. Rested for 10'. 2nd set done. I gotta keep my butt on the bench, it's not completely off but it is rising. Mabye I think with my legs too much. 3rd set done. NEW PR! 20" set!

    DEADLIFT: I have reached my limit with the deadlift, can't do 5s anymore. I am eating and resting properly, gaining weight, I HAVE done these weights a few months ago, even my power clean is higher than before, but I guess now I'll start doing 2 sets of 3 at 178kg instead of 182kg, not much difference after all.

    Tonight I have a soccer game, will try to keep it as light as possible, since last time I played one I was sore for a week, but I remember forcing myself too much. Plus, I have Friday to recover.

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    BW 94,5kg

    Squat - 156kg - YouTube (343 lbs)
    Press - 73kg - YouTube NEW PR (160,5 lbs)
    Clean 90kg FAIL
    Chins 3x8,6,5 (19 - rest 3')

    I have barely any DOMS from my thursday night game of soccer, luckily.

    SQUAT: felt pretty heavy, rest was 11/12'.

    PRESS: 1st was was 5 reps, didn't expect it to be honest, layback was pretty accentuated (is this even a word?). Rest was 10'. 2nd set done as well! 3rd set done. NEW PR

    CLEAN: fuck me, I couldn't even do singles. It's like every 10kg I reach a pleateau. 88kg 4 sets of 2? Fine. 90kg? Not even a decent rep. What the fuck. I went back down to 80kg but technique was still awful. So I just stopped. My pulling strength seems to be going down instead of up. Deadlift and power clean both suck.

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    So today I finally managed to see Steve from Brussels Barbell.
    It was a great experience and his gym was incredibly welcoming and badass.

    Light Squat 137kg 2x5
    Bench 102,5kg (5,4,4,2)
    Deadlift 180kg 1x3
    Clean 80kg 3x3

    After an endless train/bus ride all night where I barely slept, I tried to eat as much as I could once I arrived in Brussels and drink a lot of coffee to make up for lost recovery.

    LIGHT SQUAT: felt heavy, Steve corrected my quick knee bend and made me focus on bending knees and hips together in a more controlled way. Also gripping the bar correctly on my left side. The slower descent made me more fatigued but it felt good.

    BENCH: I was supposed to do 102kg, but Steve put 102,5kg on the bar, so that's what I did. 1st set of 5 was a bit of a grind but I managed. Then we just went for 15 reps total. Steve told me to focus on pushing the bar back on the way up and use more leg drive. Also, I rested less than usual, around 5/6'. I guess I've been wasting a bunch of time resting for no reason. Steve told me to start doing 5 sets of 3 starting next time.

    DEADLIFT: I didn't think 180kg would break off the floor but I managed a triple, not even too grindy, although I was really tired.

    CLEAN: I asked Steve to check my power clean too, same mistake as usual. Focused on shrugging, stomping the feet out, pointing elbows to the wall in front, staying on midfoot. Did only a 3x3 with 80kg but that was as much as I could do.

    Steve also gave me programming tips, what I'll do is slowly transition to a Texas Method over the next few weeks but add more volume on bench and press.

    For now the only changes will be:
    -light squats for 2 sets of 5 instead of 3 sets
    -bench for 5 sets of 3
    -press follows same path as bench (3x5 - 15 reps total - 5x3)
    -will try 0,5kg increments on bench and press
    -deadlift will be for 1x5 or 1x3 depending on whatever I can do, increments will be 2kg as usual

    Really satisfied of this private session!

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    starting strength coach development program
    BW: scale said >96kg, which could be true considering I've been eating as much as possible while travelling and sitting down a lot, it'll probably go down tomorrow

    Squat 158kg 3x5,5,3
    Press 74kg 3x5,5,4,1
    Cleans 85kg 5x3 FAIL
    Chins 3x7,6,5 (18 - 2' rest)

    tried to implement Steve's corrections, realized I'm asymmetrical when I get under the bar, which tilts to the left. The weirdest thing started happening, I started bleeding from my nose during my sets. NEVER happened before. Mabye my blood pressure was already pretty high because of my meal and the 3 coffees I drank during the morning. No fainting or lightheadedness. The first 2 sets didn't feel too heavy, but the 3rd one just felt off. The bar was sliding up, I couldn't concentrate properly, so I just racked it. Rest was 7' (I'm trying to reduce my rest and keep it well under 10'. It seemed to me like coach Steve didn't really agree with me resting so much)

    NEW PR at 74kg. I realized I'm asymmetrical on the Press as well, my right elbow is more up and vertical than my left elbow, but the bar is not tilted when it travels up.
    Bar went up faster than I thought, I have to be careful about keeping it over mid-foot during my layback. Last rep of the 3rd set wouldn't go up, but I insisted until it did. Surprised by this one.

    Apparently the Squat and Press drained all my energy. Today I wanted to do lighter cleans, since I did them on Tuesday too, and focus on technique. But the bar felt heavy and I felt really tired and weak, so I just left it and did some chins.

    Objectively, this was supposed to be a bad day, given my 2 days of travelling around, barely getting any sleep, and training hard with Steve.
    I'm sure that by next session I'll be recovered and able to train with more energy.

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