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    Bodyweight 85kg

    12/11/21 - Squat - 138kg - YouTube
    12/11/21 - Bench Press - 82kg - YouTube

    Trying to tighten up the grip on the squat is not working well for me, it's a pretty noticeable discomfort. Still having trouble bending knees and hips together.
    I'm fucking up something on the bench, my touching point is way too low.
    Power cleans were complete shit, I only did one set. I also skipped my chin-ups.

    At the end of the day I was too tired, and I'm also too skinny.
    I will eat more and I need to take a whole day out to properly learn how to power clean

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    BW ~86kg

    15/11/21 - Squat - 140kg - YouTube
    15/11/21 - Press - 59kg - YouTube
    15/11/21 - Deadlift - 142kg - YouTube
    Chins 3x6,6,6

    Squats are getting a little bit better, although I'm still going back to hips first when I get tired. Still, I managed to put on 2 more kilos and I keep going. I consider this a record because last year by now I was only loading 1kg at a time and the weight felt much heavier, although I was a few pounds heavier

    Press felt ok, going up 1kg at a time, still have to work on snapping the hips better and not moving my head forward. I'll work on some cues.

    Deadlift increased by 3kg instead of 2. I figured my squat and deadlift are way too close, so I must be able to lift more on the deadlift, just statistically speaking. So I did. Regular grip, barbell slipped a little on 4th and 5th rep.
    I count this one as a record as well. Last year I was using straps way before I hit the 140kg mark. And now I don't even use a hook or reverse grip. I gotta work on it tho, or I won't be able to properly finish the pull.

    I was able to doa bunch of chin-ups too.

    Rest time between sets is about 6-7 minutes. If I keep eating more and taling creatine and maltodextrine, it shouldn't get any longer than that for a while.

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    BW ~86.5

    18/11/21 - Squat - 141kg - YouTube
    18/11/21 - Bench Press - 83kg - YouTube
    Power Clean 60kg FAILED
    Chins 3x7,6,6

    Yesterday I didn't train, I was tired for not sleeping well the night before, so I decided to sleep more and recover.
    I don't think it was a terrible choice.
    I will just change my training schedule a little bit.
    Squat felt ok, I'm doing 1kg increments now, to manage the stress of it and allow for longer progress.
    Bench Press felt way better than I thought, I was actually sure I was going to fail, but I did all 3 sets with no big problem.
    Power Clean was a mess, I have a real problem with technique, which I didn't really have last year. I'm probably rushing it too much but I got too fatigued so I decided to do a bunch of chin-ups and stop.
    I'm not super worried about this. As long as my general strength goes up, I can always learn to PC later on and quickly get stronger on it.
    After all if I get to a 405lbs deadlift, my power clean will obviously be stronger even if I don't practice it.
    Unfortunately athleticism and explosiveness are NOT in my genepool.

    Back on creatine in the last few days.
    Will train again Saturday morning, and if I feel like it I'll only rest Sunday and go back to M-W-F schedule, otherwise I'll switch to T-T-S.
    Bodyweight isn't going up very fast but it's still going up

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    20/11/21 - Squat - 142kg - YouTube
    20/11/21 - Press - 60kg - 4+1 - YouTube
    20/11/21 - Deadlift - 145kg+straps - YouTube

    Felt tired today overall, probably has to do with yesterday's power clean practice.
    I have decided to stop doing power cleans, I clearly have a hard time teaching myself, so the best thing to get rid of wrong movement patterns I think is to step away from it for a few weeks.
    Instead I'll do chin-ups, which are still helping me to get a stronger upper back and bigger arms. Hopefully this will take some of the fatigue off of the training and allow me to keep progressing smoothly.
    I've had elbow pain throughout all the session, I think it's because of the power clean.

    Squat is still improving technically. The last set was probably the best of the 3, but there is still some inconsistency between reps because I'm trying to bend knees and hips at the same time.
    I had to take a wider grip on the last set because of elbow pain.
    Press wasn't bad. But I could only afford to do 4+1 reps for each set. I have a hard time pushing my femurs forward instead of arching my back.
    Deadlift was ok, but between all the accumulated fatigue and the 3kg increment and a slight pain in my shoulder at lockout, I had to use straps to secure the grip.
    Next time I'll try reverse grip, but I guess as long as I only use straps on my workset, I'm fine.

    I also played a 1hr game of futsal today (5v5 soccer) and I haven't played in a looong time, so it's definetely adding to the stress, but I'll probably play every saturday from now on, so I'll get used to it, plus it's good for conditioning, sprinting, etc...

    For this reason I'll rest an extra 2 days and train on Tuesday, just to make sure I recover correctly.

    BW ~86,5kg

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    BW ~88kg

    23/11/21 - Squat - 143kg - YouTube
    23/11/21 - Bench Press - 84kg - YouTube
    Chins 3x7,7,5

    I felt pretty rested and energetic today. I got good sleep, ate a lot, and the DOMS from the soccer game were unnoticeable.

    Squat felt good, I have less trouble keeping my back at the right angle when I come up now, and the tight grip is not bothering my elbow. Rest between sets was almost 10 minutes. That might indicate I'm getting close to a plateau.

    Bench Press was fine, the weight doesn't feel heavy anymore but I do keep fucking up and move the bar horizontally too much by touching the lowest part of the sternum. That probably has to do with how the bench and rack are setup, and the fact that I havr to unrack it bymyself, so I'm kinda stuck with this. Plus the bench kinda sucks, I'll buy a new one as soon as I can afford to.
    Reste between sets was 5-7 minutes

    Chins were ok, I didn't expect to only do 5 reps at the end there, but whatever.

    Bodyweight went up by a lot, although my scale is probably not the best indicator.

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    BW ~89kg (I think my scale might be bullshiting me at this point)

    25/11/21 - Squat - 144kg - YouTube
    25/11/21 - Press - 60kg - YouTube
    25/11/21 - Deadlift - 148kg - YouTube

    Squat felt ok, but heavier and it's getting harder to stay on midfoot on the way up and not shift to my heels. Also, between set 2 and 3 I took a 15' break cause I had a call to take. It didnt impact the lift.

    Press was better, I was able to do all 5 reps for 3 sets, although grinding quite a bit on the last one. Rest was 6-7 minutes.

    I tried pulling the deadlift with a regular grip and no straps but I just couldn't, and I don't feel comfortable with a reverse grip or a hook grip, so I used the straps and the lift went well. I guess I'll keep using them for a while as I get my deadlift up a bit.

    My scale says bodyweight is going up, I don't know if it's actually 89kg but it's still more than a week ago.

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    BW ~88kg

    27/11/21 - Squat - 145kg - YouTube
    27/11/21 - Bench Press - 85kg - YouTube
    27/11/21 - Chin-ups - 3x7,7,7 - YouTube

    Squat felt great. I managed to bend knees and hips together for most of the reps and not bend over too much. This gives me a lot of confidence that I can keep going for a while. Rest was about 10 minutes.

    Bench was good too, I still feel a slight pain in my elbow, can't really tell what the reason is. Mabye I let my elbows shoot back a little bit on the way up.
    Anyway I should be able to keep increasing the weight for a while.
    Rest was 6-7 minutes

    I taped my chin-ups, nothing special.I rested about 3 minutes.

    Bodyweight seems to be steadily up

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    BW ~88kg

    01/12/21 - Squat - 146kg - YouTube
    01/12/21 - Press - 61kg - YouTube
    01/12/21 - Deadlift - 150kg - YouTube

    I skipped a day and trained on Wednesday instead of Tuesday, because of personal reasons.
    Training still went well and I was able to hit my goals for the day

    Squat is starting to get really heavy and consistency between reps is failing a little bit, especially on depth.

    Press was ok, nothing to add except I didn't think I could make 61kg.

    Deadlift was good as well. I only uses straps on my workset, my last warm-up set was done with 140x2 with a regular grip.

    These lifts are pretty much all new PRs and bodyweight is becoming stationary around 88kg it seems.

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    BW ~88kg

    03/12/21 - Squat - 147kg - YouTube
    03/12/21 - Bench Press - 86kg - YouTube

    Squat was as heavy as wednesday, still some inconsistency on depth, but I'm pretty sure I'm hitting it on most reps.

    Bench was a bit off today, I couldn't find the proper positioning so I struggled a little bit. I will change this shitty bench sooner or later.

    I rushed my training because I was late to work, in fact, I skipped my chin-ups.
    I'll probably do them tomorrow.

    I'm still happy I hit an all time PR on the squat with relative ease. I had never put 147kg on my back before.
    I'll try to eat and rest well so I can keep this going on Sunday

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    starting strength coach development program

    05/12/21 - Squat - 148kg - YouTube
    05/12/21 - Press - 61,5kg - YouTube
    05/12/21 - Deadlift - 152,5 kg - YouTube

    Didn't hit depth on the 5th rep of each set of squats, I'm pretty sure. Weight is heavy and on the 2nd set I felt a burning sensation in front of my left hip. This is not the first time. I figured it was caused by a closer toe angle, so I adjusted and I didn't feel it again on the 3rd set.
    I'm very likely reaching the limit, but I'll keep going for now and try to hit depth each rep and not hurt myself.

    First set of presses went fine, 2nd and 3rd I did 4+1 reps. Weight is heavy but I can definitely improve technique.

    Deadlift was ok. Still only used straps on workset.

    New PRs on all lifts.
    Didn't weigh myself today.
    I haven't taken creatine in a while.

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