Bad back injury in March 2018 after a dumb Crossfit competition. Was fairly strong at the time (deadlifted 455x1 and benched 275x1). Took a long time to get back to only a little pain with a few hiccups. Stopped feeling sorry for myself and started lifting again 8/24/2020 when my home gym came in. Also had 4 left knee surgeries between 2008 and 2011. Met with Chase Lindley in August, and he coached me through the lifts and gave me some programming advice.

I'm around 220-225. Don't own a scale and use a home gym. 6'3, 31 yo. I have my warm ups written down if anyone is interested, but I'll just post work sets on here.

I'm open to feedback. Obviously that's why I'm posting. I struggle with transitions... when do I add in a light squat day? When do I add chins?

SQ 135x5x3
BP 135x5x3
DL 155x5x1

SQ 140x5x3
PR 75x5x3
DL 165x5x1

SQ 145x5x3
BP 140x5x3
DL 175x5

SQ 150x5x3
PR 80x5x3
DL 185x5x1

SQ 155x5x3
BP 145x5x3
DL 195x5x1

SQ 160x5x3
PR 85x5x3
DL 205x5x1

SQ 165x5x3
BP 150x5x3
PC 45x3x3 (learning movement, watching all of Rip's videos)

SQ 170x5x3
PR 90x5x3
DL 215x5x1

9/14 (I know...)
SQ 175x5x3
BP 155x5x3
PC 95x3x5

SQ 180x5x3
PR 95x5x3
DL 225x5x1

SQ 185x5x3
BP 160x5x3
PC 100x3x5

SQ 190x5x3
PR 100x5x3
DL 235x5x1

SQ 195x5x3
BP 165x5x3
PC 105x3x5

SQ 200x5x3
PR 105x5x3 (getting really freakin hard)
DL 245x5x1

SQ 205x5x3
BP 170x5x3
PC 110x3x5

SQ 210x5x3
PR 110x5x3
DL 255x5x1

SQ 215x5x3
BP 175x5x3
PC 115x3x5

SQ 220x5x3
PR 115x5x3
DL 265x5x1

SQ 225x5x3
BP 180x5x3
PC 120x3x5

SQ 230x5x3 (getting hard)
PR 117.5x5x3 (almost failed 2nd and 3rd set)
DL 275x5 (hard)

SQ 235x5x3
BP 185x5x3
PC 125x3x5

SQ 165x5x3 (was getting hard so I added a light day, but I may take it out bc the past two sessions have felt really good... or maybe they feel good because I did a light day??)
PR 120x5x3
DL 285x5

SQ 240x5x3
BP 190x5x3 (getting hard)
PC 130x3x5

SQ 245x5x3 (felt really good strength-wise, left knee hurt)
PR 122.5x5x3 (almost failed 2nd set, kinda cheated 3rd set by not pausing at bottom of each rep)
Chins BW x 8,5,4

There you go, 8 weeks of training logs.

So that brings me to where I am now. I don't have a back extension machine and was planning to deadlift today (10/21), but something in my knee was killing me during squats, and it hurt pretty bad during my first deadlift warm up set. So I decided to do chins to maybe help my press. That's what I'm struggling with. Should I keep a light squat day since I felt really good on my last two workouts, or should I add 5 lbs every time until I stall, then jump back down and do a light day? Should I add chins to help my press or keep chugging along with deadlifts and power cleans? I'm seeing a press reset very soon. I'll probably do the same weight next time I press because it was so damn hard this session.

I appreciate any insight.